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By Kim Fedele, Scott’s Fiancée


“If it had teeth it would bite” was a quote that my mom would often tell me after I frantically searched for something I couldn’t find. Mom always stepped in and usually found whatever it was in less than a minute. So the thing that seemed to derail me was right in front of me the whole time. What would bother me the most, aside from her finding the item instantly, was why couldn’t I find it myself? Were her eyes different than mine, as if mothers develop this razor-sharp sonar because they are forever searching for lost toys, favorite socks, jewelry or a snuggle blanket for their panicked kids? Whatever the case may be, I was always happy to get back the missing item — you know, the thing that, at the time, seemed like the most important thing in the world. Or was I?

As a mom myself with three kids — two in college, one in high school — I’ve now become the Retriever of Lost Items. And, just like my own mother, I find these treasures rapidly and in the same fashion. Yes, I have found myself repeating Mom’s mantra: “If it had teeth it would bite.”

What I have learned over the years is that finding those lost items, which in many instances are right under our noses, applies to most things in life — physical objects, an emotion, an idea or a VISION. Sometimes the things in life that we have been searching years for are right in front of us. But why don’t we see them? If we just took the time to really understand what it is we are looking for or fighting for, we’d often discover the answers right in front of us.

1. Stop, breathe, clear your head.
2. Know what you are looking for or fighting for.
3. Decide whether or not the search or cause is truly worth your time and energy.
4. If so, go all in, not half-way.
5. Stay focused.
6. Realize that some things may no longer bear the packaging you put them in, literally and metaphorically.
7. Be fully prepared to look for or fight for an object, an idea, an emotion or your Vision.

My fiancé was rifling through a drawer the other day for a rubber band. He pictured it in his mind, and that mental image is what he fixated on as he tore that drawer apart. What he was searching for wasn’t there, however. Well, actually, there WAS a rubber band in that drawer, which I found for him immediately. A blue one, not the traditional tan-colored one he had been been expecting to see. In that moment, his eyes weren’t programmed for such a variation, his mind not open to possibility. I did refrain from saying, “If it had teeth it would bite.”

We all experience similar, frustrating derailments in our everyday lives. You may be looking for something larger and more profound than a rubber band, such as a new job, artistic expression, stronger relationships or more enriching personal goals, but the approach remains the same. It reinforces the importance of having a clear VISION (knowing what you’re looking for), MINDSET (readjusting your attitude) and GRIT (searching with conviction).

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
― Maya Angelou

Perseverance is being persistent. Persistent in the face of adversity, to move beyond difficulties toward what you want to achieve. Perseverance is one of the most significant keys to success; it improves the odds of you accomplishing your goals despite any and all odds. (more…)

Posted in Grit on April 7, 2017.

I was preparing to launch a Blog yesterday titled “Who is that Blessman in your life stretching you further?” I received an email bright and early from a friend, however, that read, “My son wrote about you in his essay about Grit!” I loved it and was humbled to be mentioned. With that said, I’m postponing my Blog until next month to bring you this fantastic essay on Grit – one of my favorite words!


Conquering Goals with Grit

By Luke Lowery
Grit is essential when it comes to reaching goals. Many people have studied how grit works and have proved their theory. Angela Duckworth and Donald Kamentz are two examples of researchers that agree with this idea. Many books and stories portray different forms of grit in their own way, such as the Bible.

Grit, or great courage in the face of hardship, is present in the Bible passage “Grit.” This passage demonstrates grit by working for a goal. “People who are not as bright as their peers compensate by working harder and with more determination.” This passage also offers another man that said some wise words about persevering and overcoming objectives. Donald Kamentz from Yes Prep implies that “students deal with things and persevere through situations” to complete tasks. If you have grit, it will help you complete your goal.

Another story that represents hard work and passionate grit is Jack London’s “The King of Mazy May.” In it, Walt Masters was an amazing example of true grit and will go to great lengths for everything. “It is forty below now.” He wasn’t an ordinary boy, and he used that to his advantage when achieving goals. “He does not know a great deal that most boys know, but knows much more that most boys don’t.”

A final example of grit in stories is A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. In the book, Tree-ear was a boy that had a rough life but always showed grit. Even when times got hard he still worked towards his current goal. “At every step, Tree-ear had to keep his eyes trained on the path and the cart.” At every moment, he wanted to keep getting better and keep his boss happy. “The stirring, sieving, settling and bailing were repeated any number of times, until Min was satisfied with the residue.” Matthew 7:14 reads, “The way is hard that leads to life.” Tree-ear learned this gratitude over time after working for Min.

Many people have learned that having grit is the way to succeed, like Scott Burrows. He wrote the book Vision Mindset Grit and proved that grit is the way to success. The mindset of grit can lead to reaching any goal you try to achieve.

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