Scott Burrows speaker preview videoThe true measure of success is how well you respond to change, self-doubt, setbacks and fear. Whatever belief system you employ must be powerful enough to conquer these obstacles and any other impediments to your personal and professional growth, or you—and your organization—will be left behind.

As audiences worldwide have discovered, renowned business keynote inspirational speaker and author Scott Burrows’ own riveting story of overcoming adversity through sheer determination, willpower and goal-setting is uplifting and infectious. Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott reveals how to drive your personal and professional results using the same mental focus that helped him reinvent his life after a crippling accident. The dynamic principles in this keynote will inspire you and every member of your team to unprecedented levels of empowerment and self-confidence, setting the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and leadership strategies that will benefit your entire company.

As a motivational speaker on overcoming adversity, Scott brings the concepts of Vision, Mindset and Grit to life. Three simple yet powerful words that, when put into action, can absolutely change the direction of both your personal and professional life. Vision helps you to set manageable but far-reaching goals. Mindset allows you to stay focused on those goals even as circumstances, personnel and other elements change. Grit is the everyday determination to persevere when all else beckons you to retreat, give in or simply maintain the status quo!