Vision Mindset Grit (DVD)

Powerful 60-minute Keynote Recorded LIVE in Canada

Because we live in a world that revolves around change, stress and setbacks, learning how to conquer these challenges by having a positive attitude and strong belief system is essential for life balance, success and fulfillment. Given that most industries are trying to keep up with industry trends, new technologies and the changing dynamics of their industry, it’s important to continually educate ourselves on how we can support each other and maintain a positive outlook and work/life balance.

Throughout this presentation, Scott draws upon three words: Vision, Mindset and Grit—three words that when put into action are powerful enough to become part of your organizational strategy. These words will inspire and motivate your people to shape new beliefs, be more productive and let no circumstances take precedence over the power of the human spirit, personally and professionally!

Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott will show you how to drive personal and business results by maintaining poise and execution. His experience will help you develop cutting-edge ideas as well as leadership strategies that you can utilize to achieve bottom line results.

Scott will reveal how to

  • Explore unlimited vision
  • Transform your focus by adapting and becoming more flexible
  • View adversity as an opportunity to grow and set loftier goals
60 Minutes
Includes footage of Scott competing in a kick-boxing match

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