“Scott quickly connected with our employees and their spouses and shared his personal story in a way that made us all rethink our choices, attitudes and how we should approach safety in the workforce!   – Leon Zupan, VP Operations, Enbridge Pipelines, Inc.

Are you searching for a Safety Motivational Speaker who can INFLUENCE your employees to make better Workplace Safety Decisions? Look no further.

Scott Burrows was a star athlete and fierce competitor. By the age of 19, he played college football at Florida State University and was a top-ranked kick-boxing champion whose last fight was broadcast on ESPN. However, on November 3, 1984, he made a split-second decision that led to a tragic accident, changing his life forever. Bypassing his usual safety precautions, Scott decided to forgo wearing his seatbelt as a passenger in his friend’s car as they drove just one mile down the road to look for firewood for their bonfire.

That night, his friend accidentally lost control of the wheel, ran off the road and crashed into a mound of sand that sent the car hurtling through the air before tumbling back to earth, end over end, causing severe physical injuries. Scott broke Cervical 6 and 7 vertebrae in his neck and suffered a life-threatening spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic.



Content Covered


  • Learn how to create a clear Vision that entices your employees to put Safety Protocols into take action

  • Examine the benefits of Dreaming in Full Color and setting goals that stretch the mind

  • Discover the impact of connecting your organization to a shared Safety Vision

  • Find out how Visualization can give you that competitive edge


  • Learn how Breaking the Fall Line can help you create an unstoppable Safety Mindset

  • Examine the Safety Mindset of Poise, Execution and Letting It Happen

  • Discover how not to let your Mindset Become Your Biggest Handicap, which can drive employee productivity

  • Understand how forgiveness, a leadership trait, can restore hope and lead to greater productivity

  • Find out how Asking the “What” Questions can get you thinking differently and help prevent accidents in the workplace


  • Learn how personal accountability can keep you and others Safe

  • Examine why your Willingness to Fail But Your Unwillingness to Quit is a leadership Safety trait that can keep you focused while keeping safety always on your mind

  • Discover adaptation strategies to help your employees make that commitment to Stand Up to Any Workplace Challenge

  • Understand what it really means to Go with What Scares You

  • Cultivate ways to unlock your Grit that can improve safety performance

  • Understand the true meaning of being that Blessman in someone’s life who is always watching over the workplace surroundings


Scott’s clients have used these alternate titles for his Presentation:

  • Don’t Stop Believing
  • Anything is Possible
  • Triumph Over Adversity
  • Stand Up to Any Challenge
  • Thriving through Changing Times
  • How to Develop an Unstoppable Mindset
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Turing Impossibilities into Possibilities


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“Scott took the information he gathered in our pre-meeting call and wove it seamlessly into his message, which made it relevant to each and every person in the room.”   – Chris Powell, Senior Vice President & GM

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“The theme of this year’s meeting was ‘Believe,’ and Scott’s story blended beautifully with our meeting message. He seamlessly incorporated our client’s name, goals and other key information into his talk.”  – Joyce Russell, President

“It was as though Scott had been working side by side with our General Agents, as he clearly demonstrated an understanding of the issues and opportunities they face.”  – J. Craig Collins, Senior Vice President