“Scott’s Vision, Mindset and Grit keynote presentation powerfully underscored Seminole’s commitment to diversity—celebrating and championing positive change from the individual through organizational levels. His dynamic presentation was overwhelmingly assessed by our employees as one of the very best and most inspirational that Seminole employees have ever heard!”   – Bob McNamara, Staff Development Specialist, Seminal Electric Cooperative, Inc.

In today’s rapidly changing Corporate Environment, C-level executives are realizing that Diversity Matters. Why? Today, the largest and fastest growing minority group around the world are people with disabilities, and studies have shown this workforce is committed, productive, loyal and willing, when given the opportunity, to work hard to help your organization succeed. So, if you are looking to expand your market share, generate new revenue from this untapped market and see things from a different corporate perspective, it will take a clear Vision, the right Mindset and a lot of Grit to make it happen.

In today’s world, the true measure of success is how well you respond to a changing and diverse marketplace, adversity, setbacks and fear. Whatever belief system you employ must be powerful enough to conquer these obstacles and any other impediments to your personal and professional growth, or you—and your organization—will be left behind.


Inclusion Strategies for the Changing Workforce

As audiences worldwide have discovered, Scott Burrows’ compelling story is the hero’s journey, providing what will be an unforgettable and lasting memory to inspire your audience to stand up to diversity and inclusion. Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott reveals how to drive results using the same mental focus that helped him reinvent his life after a catastrophic accident left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Through the power of storytelling, Scott will show your organization how to apply the same timeless principles of Vision-Mindset-Grit that have had a profound impact in his life. Three simple yet powerful words that, when put into action, can absolutely help you tap into a diverse workforce, setting the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and leadership strategies that will benefit your entire workplace.

In 2016, as a corporate diversity speaker, Scott was invited to speak at Springboard Consulting’s Disability Matters North American Annual Conference in front of 250 C-level executives from Fortune 1000 companies. It was there that he learned that these Corporations held their own Annual Diversity Conferences. Since that time, Scott has been invited to speak to many of them, as his story is a great fit to drive home the importance of embracing diversity in the workplace.

After Scott’s life-changing accident, he returned to college and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. At that time, Northwestern Mutual Life gave him an opportunity to partner as a Financial Advisor. Scott quickly hired an assistant and in his 5th year went on to qualify for the Million Dollar Round Table. The MDRT is a 100% commission-driven award that less than 8% of his peers qualify for annually, peers representing 500 companies in 70 countries.

At the MDRT’s annual conference in Dallas, Texas, in 1994, Scott learned a lot from the Platform Corporate Speakers who spoke on Diversity, Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service and Branding as well as from the Inspirational Overcoming Adversity Speakers who encouraged you to push the limits of what is possible. He was so moved that he saw himself doing that for the rest of his life. Ironically, at this time, Scott was involved in a second life-changing automobile accident when a 72-year-old man ran a stop sign, caught Scott off guard, and their cars collided. The driver of the other car was not injured, but Scott was. These new injuries forced him out of work for 9 months.

Ultimately, in the 9th month, Scott made a tough decision to create a new Vision for his future: to leave an industry he had so much passion for to pursue two new careers: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to partner with his brother, who needed his help to expand his multimillion-dollar, custom-blended fertilizer and chemical golf course business into Southeast Asia; and Motivational Keynote Speaking as a diversity and inclusion speaker. Both careers have taken Scott all around the world many times over.

He attributes his business success to working with so many diverse individuals. These are individuals from around the world who have helped Scott and themselves create unforeseen opportunities that have expanded the possibilities to hit new benchmarks.

You will find, like others, that this is the perfect Inspirational Keynote Presentation to challenge your audience to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion, Be Resilient, Adaptable and Set Goals That Stretch the Mind. As a diversity and inclusion inspirational speaker, Scott’s message of Vision-Mindset-Grit will literally transform the way you look at industry challenges, your competition, business and life goals.

Key Takeaways


  • Learn how to create a clear Vision that entices your organization to Take Action
  • Examine the benefits of Dreaming in Full Color
  • Discover the impact of connecting your organi­zation to a diverse and Shared Vision
  • Find out how adapting your Vision when things don’t go as planned can give you that Competitive Advantage


  • Learn how to create an unstoppable diverse Mindset that revolves around Poise and Execution
  • Examine the Mindset of Letting It Happen, Embracing Change and Breaking the Fall Line
  • Discover how to not let your Mindset Become Your Biggest Handicap
  • Understand how the Power of Forgiveness, a leadership trait, can restore hope and lead to greater productivity
  • Find out how Asking the “What” Questions can help you navigate the chaos of adversity


  • Learn what it takes to Stretch Yourself beyond your paralyzed state
  • Examine why your Willingness to Fail But Your Unwillingness to Quit is a leadership trait
  • Discover Gritty strategies to help you Stand Up to Any Challenge
  • Understand what it really means to Go with What Scares You and Never Give Up
  • Cultivate ways to Unlock Your Grit by finding that Blessman in your life


Scott’s clients have used these alternate titles for his Presentation:

  • Rising to the Challenge
  • Anything Is Possible
  • Triumph Over Adversity
  • Stand Up to Any Challenge
  • Rising and Thriving
  • The Power of Tomorrow: NO LIMITS
  • Thriving Through Changing Times
  • How to Develop an Unstoppable Mindset
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Don’t Stop Believing
  • Transforming Limitations into Opportunities


“You presented the perfect message following three days of intense human resource management training, instilling within us to believe that we can indeed achieve all that we aspire to do and to be. As you spoke, the participants were deeply captivated; not a whisper was uttered as we intently anticipated your every word. With unparalleled credibility, you taught us how to face our own challenges in our professional and personal lives. You taught us to not resist difficulties; rather to persevere…and you told us how to do it! You said to clearly identify what we are living and fighting for, to focus and continually refocus our minds on what we have the ability and power to do, and then simply, but not easily, not give up. Your compelling story of tragedy and triumph was the backdrop, providing what is surely to be a lasting memory to inspire and motivate us to also live purposely applying the same timeless principles that enable you to live an abundant life. It really was the perfect message for us, and I smile once again as I think about the wide range of emotions we experienced during your presentation. We cried, we laughed, we gaped, and we cheered! What a blessed time it was, and we thank you for the gift of sharing your amazing life and your vital message with us.”

– Sonja Stanchina, MBA, IPMA-SCP, SHRM-SCP, CLRM
Western Regional IPMA-HR 2nd Vice President


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