Once your event is confirmed, Scott’s office will set up a customization call for Scott and your leadership team to help dial in your organization’s change initiatives, success strategies and pain points. Scott’s programs are CUSTOMIZED EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION. With a personal touch, he seamlessly weaves in your company’s challenges, terminology, core values and objectives—while lending his own personal story and business insights that will complement your overall theme and product messaging.


“A powerful delivery! His message touched everyone. He made us laugh. He brought us to tears. He had us on our feet. Scott inspired our group as no other professional speaker has done in a long, long time. From the moment he appears on stage to the end when he leaves you feeling that you can overcome any obstacle in life to be a better person in your personal and professional lives, Scott speaks from his heart and soul. The words are simple and straightforward, but they will touch anyone who listens and absorbs what he has to say about what it means to be successful in life, no matter the setbacks that are thrown your way. His presentation is suited for anyone who wants to be a better all-around person and more productive professional. Scott will provide newfound energy to succeed no matter what the occupation or calling in one’s life and work.”