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If you are searching for a Motivational Keynote Speaker who can set the tone for your entire conference and challenge your audience while adding takeaway value with high energy, humor and substance—or a closing speaker who can inspire and move your attendees into action—put Scott at the top of your list!

Get ready to experience a powerful, engaging and thought-provoking presentation that is personalized. Scott seamlessly weaves in your organization’s challenges, core values and objectives while lending his own powerful story and anecdotes to compliment your overall theme and product messaging.

Below, Scott offers an array of versatile, industry-specific presentations in addition to his Signature Keynote.



“We cried, we laughed, and we cheered! You presented the perfect message following our intense human resource management training, instilling within us to believe that we can indeed achieve all that we aspire to do and be. With unparalleled credibility, you taught us how to face our own challenges in our professional and personal lives. You taught us to not resist difficulties; rather, to persevere…and you told us how to do it! You said to clearly identify what we are fighting for, to focus and continually refocus our minds on what we have the ability and power to do, and then simply, but not easily, not give up. Your compelling story of tragedy and triumph was the backdrop, providing what is surely to be a lasting memory to inspire and motivate us to also live purposely, applying the same timeless principles that enable you to live an abundant life.”

– Sonja Stanchina, MBA, IPMA-SCP, SHRM-SCP, CLRM, Western Regional IPMA 


“Scott, a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for giving such an inspiring message to our group. In these difficult economic times, small business owners find it hard to find help and encouragement, especially in our industry. Your message of vision, mindset and ‘grit,’ as you called it, really hit home and was very translatable for them to personalize and take back to their businesses to implement in their daily lives. Your life story not only reminds us that each one of us may face unforeseen obstacles, but with perseverance, Grace and a little sense of humor, your attitude can change your course forever!! Thank you so much for having the courage to get up and share your story with so many people! We are all blessed because act of it!”

– Carolyn Salvador, Executive Director, Georgia Child Care Association 


As top-rated athlete and accountability speaker Scott Burrows’ clients will tell you, his presentations are personalized exclusively for your organization. With a personal touch, he seamlessly weaves in your company’s challenges, core values and objectives at hand—while lending his own personal story and anecdotes that will compliment your overall theme and messaging of any product you may have.

After you book Scott, be it as a sales speaker or healthcare speaker, depending on your organization, his team will forward you a pre-event questionnaire and schedule a conference call with Scott so you can discuss your event in greater detail. Using that information, he will customize his message, which will include a dynamic blend of content, humor and takeaway value.

As you explore his website, you will find content information, video footage and video testimonials so you’ll be confident you’re making the right investment by booking Scott for your next conference.

Scott arrives the day before your event to make himself available to engage with key people in your organization. He will then meet with your audiovisual team to assure a smooth transitioning of the event details. Finally, to complete this top-notch experience, Scott requires a wireless microphone, computer and video projector to play his opening and closing videos, as well as a wheelchair ramp to get onto the stage. Following his keynote, Scott requests a 6′ skirted table for his book signing.

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top-rated international speaker and bestselling author

“Scott did an excellent job of connecting his personal story to development in the workplace and emphasized not only adapting to, but stepping up to, the challenge of the ever-changing business environment… Scott’s message was inspiring and the highlight of our event.”


“Scott Burrows delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in Gordian history. Scott will make you laugh, cry and applaud in deep appreciation for sharing his story and how we can all maintain positive momentum in this thing called life.”


“Scott absolutely captivated the audience and got several standing ovations…I can’t recommend Scott highly enough…Truly one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with or listening to.”