Think Outside the Moment

(Up to 60 min. Interactive Breakout)

Feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed are inevitable—and inescapable—traits of the human condition, whether at work, at home or in other social environments. In this lively, engaging session, Scott Burrows helps audience members root out the causes of those anxieties and learn from each other how to Think Outside the Moment to fight such fears for a more productive, enriching life.

Through careful guidance and an inspiring approach, Scott digs deep into the vulnerabilities and dynamics of the group for a unique session where everyone gets involved and everyone leaves with new skills and coping mechanisms built around his empowering concepts of Vision-Mindset-Grit.

Scott Burrows breakout session Think Outside the Moment

Audiences discover the answers to 2 pivotal questions:

1. What is your Vision? What are you now fighting for going forward in both your personal and professional life?

2. Who is willing to hold you accountable?


Everyone involved will develop:

  • A clear Vision
  • A determined Mindset to adapt and be more flexible than ever before to any uncomfortable situation
  • Unstoppable Grit to stand up tall and perform regardless of your comfort zone


Please Note:

This session encourages everyone to get involved. They will be asked to stand up in front of their peers and engage in conversation with Scott and, at times, with others. Therefore, multiple microphones and runners may be needed depending on the audience size.