You don’t need a degree in philosophy to discover the true meaning of life. You don’t need to learn Chinese to form a deep connection with a person from China.

You don’t have to live in poverty to hear the plight of the marginalized. And you don’t need to believe in magic to save yourself from the mouth of danger. Everything you will ever know about yourself, about life, about the world and the life that inhabits it you’ll learn by simply being open to the universe and the lessons it has to teach. Continue reading

Posted in Mindset on March 9, 2017.

I was preparing to launch a Blog yesterday titled “Who is that Blessman in your life stretching you further?” I received an email bright and early from a friend, however, that read, “My son wrote about you in his essay about Grit!” I loved it and was humbled to be mentioned. With that said, I’m postponing my Blog until next month to bring you this fantastic essay on Grit – one of my favorite words!


Conquering Goals with Grit

By Luke Lowery
Grit is essential when it comes to reaching goals. Many people have studied how grit works and have proved their theory. Angela Duckworth and Donald Kamentz are two examples of researchers that agree with this idea. Many books and stories portray different forms of grit in their own way, such as the Bible.

Grit, or great courage in the face of hardship, is present in the Bible passage “Grit.” This passage demonstrates grit by working for a goal. “People who are not as bright as their peers compensate by working harder and with more determination.” This passage also offers another man that said some wise words about persevering and overcoming objectives. Donald Kamentz from Yes Prep implies that “students deal with things and persevere through situations” to complete tasks. If you have grit, it will help you complete your goal.

Another story that represents hard work and passionate grit is Jack London’s “The King of Mazy May.” In it, Walt Masters was an amazing example of true grit and will go to great lengths for everything. “It is forty below now.” He wasn’t an ordinary boy, and he used that to his advantage when achieving goals. “He does not know a great deal that most boys know, but knows much more that most boys don’t.”

A final example of grit in stories is A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. In the book, Tree-ear was a boy that had a rough life but always showed grit. Even when times got hard he still worked towards his current goal. “At every step, Tree-ear had to keep his eyes trained on the path and the cart.” At every moment, he wanted to keep getting better and keep his boss happy. “The stirring, sieving, settling and bailing were repeated any number of times, until Min was satisfied with the residue.” Matthew 7:14 reads, “The way is hard that leads to life.” Tree-ear learned this gratitude over time after working for Min.

Many people have learned that having grit is the way to succeed, like Scott Burrows. He wrote the book Vision Mindset Grit and proved that grit is the way to success. The mindset of grit can lead to reaching any goal you try to achieve.

Posted in Grit on January 24, 2017.

What inspired me to write this Blog was a Tweet I read after I presented to the Canon Solutions Annual Conference: “We are all ‘dreaming in full color’ with @ScottVMG at #thinkconference2016.”

It’s easier to tone DOWN a Colorful idea than it is to tone UP a Boring one! So, be willing to see complete success in your mind’s eye first. Now, imprint that outcome. Do it so frequently that your Mind can no longer tell the difference between your heavily-etched idea and what is real. In doing so, it becomes your reality, which then becomes your Belief.

This is one of many strategies that I used to help me conquer adversity and ongoing change when I was told by my doctors that I would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. That happened in 1984 when I was 19 years old after a life-changing automobile accident left me paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic. And, it’s one of many strategies that I continue to have in my tool kit that has had a profound impact in both my personal and professional life, and I know it can have the same impact on you if you’re willing to take action!

I detail my success strategies in my Book: Vision-Mindset-Grit.

Vision Mindset Grit : How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You (Book and eBook)

On September 27, 2016, I was in New York with my fiancé, Kim, as the Keynote Motivational Speaker for a Fortune 500 Company’s Annual Conference. There were over 1,200 Global Finance Associates and CFOs in attendance. Afterwards, many of the attendees were sending me LinkedIn requests and, as I was accepting them, a blog by Todd Zint,CMP, CMM, founder and creative force behind Ignite Event Solutions, caught me off guard. Todd listed me as 1 of 6 speakers whose messages resonate. It was such a humbling experience that I wanted to share it because in life, if you work hard, Expect the Unexpected!



Todd writes:

Researching and deciding on a session or keynote speaker who can deliver on an intended objective and truly resonate with an audience can be exhausting, if only because of the seemingly endless talent available in the marketplace today. Fortunately, the Internet and speaker bureaus have made it easier to decipher the vast ocean of speaker options and to narrow down choices based on search requirements.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to observe several speakers — some left me confused about their intended message, some who hit the mark, and some who inspired me to take positive action. The speaker experiences that didn’t hit the mark usually happened because of a lack of due diligence and management of the three key planning pillars. If the pillars are not managed correctly, you could get a less than stellar outcome.

Pillar 1: Know Your Message: The first pillar is the determination of a theme and message that aligns with your conference theme. Normally, you should do this before you select a speaker, though on occasion, decision-makers will have a specific speaker in mind and then build a theme around the speaker’s existing outline.

Pillar 2: Engage Your Audience: The second pillar embraces the thoughtful consideration of the audience interaction. What does your organization want the audience to “know, feel and do” during and after the session based on the speaker’s message.

Pillar 3: Engage the Speaker: The last pillar is the procurement process, which includes researching, calling speaker references, and contracting based on mutual understanding of the message and final concessions.

These three pillars combined will ensure the best opportunity to select the right speaker who will deliver the greatest return on investment and leave audiences engaged.



Todd then includes me in his list of “extraordinary speakers” who he says “epitomize the art of public speaking. They are experts at engaging audiences, and their messages resonate long after the event is over.” Here are the details:



Speaker Category: Author, Communications, Motivational, Personal Growth, Sales, Storyteller

“Scott has an amazing story of not letting anyone alter his life’s journey. Scott had his whole life in front of him, including playing college football for Florida State under Bobby Bowden and being a top ranked kick-boxer champion. But his world and dreams were shattered when he was in a critical car accident which left him paralyzed from the chest down. That is when he heard he would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Through his inner perseverance and inspiration from those closest to him, Scott defied the odds and has risen to new heights personally and professionally. Scott has a best-selling book, Vision Mindset Grit, which has inspired audiences to rise up to any challenge in life, work, and the marketplace.”

Lately, as I travel the country speaking to industries and associations, I’ve been encouraging CEOs, top sales producers and frontline employees to Reflect. To Reflect back on how far they have come, on the choices and decisions they have made, both personally and professionally, as well as on the challenges they have overcome. In doing so, I have found that it gives you the inner strength, the grit to continue pushing forward regardless of what challenges you’re facing.

During a long bike ride recently, I started to Reflect on the choices and decisions I’ve made in my life. In doing so, the words Leaders Leading Leaders kept speaking to me. My mind drifted back to 1983, when I was just 18 years old and playing college football as a wide receiver at Florida State University. During that season, I noticed that coach Bobby Bowden led from the bottom up as opposed to the top down. He would encourage frontline players like me to lead on and off the field and challenge each other, day after day, to perform to the best of our abilities. Continue reading

Scott Burrows Think Outside the Moment

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to travel coast to coast speaking to an array of different organizations! A few times, my girlfriend, Kim Wagner joined me. I reconnected with Kim at our 30th high school reunion in 2013. Truth is, I was not too sure I wanted to attend being single.  Friends enticed me, so I went. On the 3rd day of that reunion Kim and I started a conversation and the conversation has not stopped. Yes, we’ve fallen in love… The morale of that story, “If you happen to be single, “GO” to your high school reunion!”

A few months ago I had a speaking event in San Antonio Texas at the Hilton along the River Walk. If you have the opportunity to visit, it is well worth it.  Kim joined me on this excursion. Continue reading

In my book, How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You I mention that the actress Helen Hunt inspired me with her Mindset. She started acting at age 10 in a weekly TV show and later moved on to movies such as Cast Away with Tom Hanks, What Women Want with Mel Gibson, and Twister with Bill Paxton. At age 35, she won the Oscar for her role as a single mother and waitress grappling with the idea of having Jack Nicholson’s character as her lover in As Good as it Gets. After winning the movie industry’s highest accolade, a reporter asked her, “Now that you have won the Oscar we hear you are receiving a number of different types of movie scripts to choose from. How will you go about choosing the role that best suits you?” Hunt said, “I’ll go with what scares me!” Think about that statement for a moment, now ask yourself this question, “What kind of Mindset do I need to be in to go with what scares me?” From my perspective, you need to be willing to leave your comfort zone, your paralyzed state and flex your risk taking muscle. Continue reading

Scott Burrows accident

As I watched the news and read the paper about the school bus driver charged with rape and kidnaping Michele Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus, my heart, like yours went out to them and their families. For so many years they were in prison, held captive, chained up in a basement, raped and beaten, yet they survived the unimaginable.

How do ordinary people survive unimaginable circumstances? Continue reading

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