Your body is more powerful than you think. It speaks volumes about your personality, and has a significant impact on how people perceive you.

Your body language is what makes people’s heads turn; it is what reveals your own take on a certain situation, and is what delivers your feelings.

Body language is constructed from a number of factors: posture and gestures, facial expressions and eye contact. Continue reading

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If there is one natural aspect that remains consistent in our lives, it is change. Change in our environment, change in the people around us, change in our own characteristics. The evolution of humankind itself is the biggest example of change in history.

Depending on how you lead your life up till now, accepting change may be difficult and messy, but once you embrace the new, you will find yourself facing prosperous outcomes. Delve into some life lessons as you embark on a journey to embrace this natural process of evolution. Continue reading

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Sometimes, in our quest to get ahead in life, we forget to actually live it. From deadlines to meet to presentations to prepare for, life is quite busy.

However, you need to let go of things and relax. In your fast-paced world, you have got to learn to go with the flow.     Continue reading

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One of the most affectionate of human expressions, smiling, is a symbol of joy, happiness, pleasure, amusement and all things good in life.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of this most precious of human gestures: Continue reading

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That scene in American Beauty where Ricky Fitts shows his girlfriend his video of a plastic bag dancing in the air stands out in that film.

While describing the video, he says, “You want to see the most beautiful thing I’ve ever filmed? It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing and there’s this electricity in the air; you can almost hear it. And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For fifteen minutes.” Continue reading

It’s not a fancy degree from an elite university or an above average IQ that matters when it comes to corporate success. It’s your passion, ability to learn and drive to get ahead that will count.

If you have reached an impasse in your career, these tips can prove to be very useful in your career journey. Continue reading

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By Kim Fedele, Scott’s Fiancée


“If it had teeth it would bite” was a quote that my mom would often tell me after I frantically searched for something I couldn’t find. Mom always stepped in and usually found whatever it was in less than a minute. So the thing that seemed to derail me was right in front of me the whole time. What would bother me the most, aside from her finding the item instantly, was why couldn’t I find it myself? Were her eyes different than mine, as if mothers develop this razor-sharp sonar because they are forever searching for lost toys, favorite socks, jewelry or a snuggle blanket for their panicked kids? Whatever the case may be, I was always happy to get back the missing item — you know, the thing that, at the time, seemed like the most important thing in the world. Or was I?

As a mom myself with three kids — two in college, one in high school — I’ve now become the Retriever of Lost Items. And, just like my own mother, I find these treasures rapidly and in the same fashion. Yes, I have found myself repeating Mom’s mantra: “If it had teeth it would bite.”

What I have learned over the years is that finding those lost items, which in many instances are right under our noses, applies to most things in life — physical objects, an emotion, an idea or a VISION. Sometimes the things in life that we have been searching years for are right in front of us. But why don’t we see them? If we just took the time to really understand what it is we are looking for or fighting for, we’d often discover the answers right in front of us.

1. Stop, breathe, clear your head.
2. Know what you are looking for or fighting for.
3. Decide whether or not the search or cause is truly worth your time and energy.
4. If so, go all in, not half-way.
5. Stay focused.
6. Realize that some things may no longer bear the packaging you put them in, literally and metaphorically.
7. Be fully prepared to look for or fight for an object, an idea, an emotion or your Vision.

My fiancé was rifling through a drawer the other day for a rubber band. He pictured it in his mind, and that mental image is what he fixated on as he tore that drawer apart. What he was searching for wasn’t there, however. Well, actually, there WAS a rubber band in that drawer, which I found for him immediately. A blue one, not the traditional tan-colored one he had been been expecting to see. In that moment, his eyes weren’t programmed for such a variation, his mind not open to possibility. I did refrain from saying, “If it had teeth it would bite.”

We all experience similar, frustrating derailments in our everyday lives. You may be looking for something larger and more profound than a rubber band, such as a new job, artistic expression, stronger relationships or more enriching personal goals, but the approach remains the same. It reinforces the importance of having a clear VISION (knowing what you’re looking for), MINDSET (readjusting your attitude) and GRIT (searching with conviction).

Life is easy to get lost in. We focus so much on the daily grind and the automated routines we have set for ourselves that we tend to forget to look within to see if we are truly satisfied with the kind of life we’re leading.

A lot of things about life are out of our hands, but the things we value and the things we focus on are completely within our control. Continue reading

Without change, there is no progress. And without progress, there can be no goal attainment or means of achieving success.

We as cautious beings are highly resistant to change. The fear of the unknown that lies beyond is what holds us back, and it is this fear we need to learn how to curb.

For change is the gateway to bigger and better things for you! Continue reading

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Hope is a powerful thing.

It is the expectation of good things to come. Even a mere glimmer of hope can keep one going through the darkest of times.

Life has the tendency to throw you many a curveball. There can be many devastating circumstances you may have to live through.

It is hope that gets you through these times. It helps you persevere and keeps you going. Continue reading

Posted in Mindset on April 10, 2017.

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