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“Not only is Scott’s presentation incredibly moving, but he took the time to understand our business and culture, so his remarks could truly resonate with our audience”

Scott, everyone is still talking about how powerful your presentation was and how it really set the tone for the rest of the event. It was such a pleasure working with you and your team throughout the planning process. You are an absolute gem, and we are so thankful that you could share your story with us! (He’s also one of the kindest and most dedicated speaking professionals I’ve ever worked with.)
Vice President, Director of Learning at Janney Montgomery Scott

Meeting professionals love working with Scott

Scott brings an unmatched energy to every stage he graces. His compelling personal story of overcoming adversity – alongside compelling insights about resilience, change, and peak performance – resonate deeply with attendees, leaving them not only motivated, but equipped with practical tools for success.

His unwavering belief in our ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges has touched countless lives across the world at leading companies in pharmaceuticals. healthcare. hospitality. retail. technology. workplace safety. manufacturing. transportation. construction. agriculture.

Every speaking program is uniquely customized to your organization.

Once your event is confirmed, Scott’s team will arrange a call between you, your leadership team, and Scott, so that he can better understand your unique challenges.

With a personal touch, Scott effortlessly weaves in your company’s challenges, terminology, core principles, and objectives—while lending his own personal story and business acumen to enhance your overarching theme and messaging.

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The Keynote


Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge

We’re in a time when change is a constant challenge. More than ever, we must embrace an unstoppable mindset if we want to overcome adversity and create the kind of breakthrough opportunities that lead to unprecedented results.

Scott Burrows is a renowned inspirational speaker and bestselling author who is living proof that you can defy the odds to turn your most audacious goals into a reality. A devastating car accident at 19 turned his life upside down and taught him a lesson of a lifetime: How to summon the willpower to carry on when the odds feel stacked against us.

As audiences worldwide have discovered in this life-changing presentation, Scott’s riveting story of overcoming adversity through relentless perseverance, determination, and adaptability will inspire you and every member of your team to reach new heights.

Whatever challenges you’re currently facing, Scott’s personal story and business insights will inspire you to overcome fear, push yourself further than you thought possible, and exceed expectations.

Leaders and teams will leave with:

  • The tools they need to perform at the highest level on any given day
  • The inspiration they need to make positive change in their lives
  • A newfound capacity to rise to each challenge, no matter the circumstances

They will experience an instant shift in their ability to:

  • Craft a compelling vision that inspires them to keep going, no matter what
  • Develop an unstoppable mindset that knows how to persevere
  • Stand up to any challenge, no matter the circumstances

The Vision. Mindset. Grit. framework will inspire you to think differently, envision complete success, and achieve extraordinary results.

Scott Burrows


General Electric
GE Healthcare
State Farm
JP Morgan
Bristol Myers Squibb
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Once a top sales producer who qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, Scott reveals the key drivers behind unbeatable performance, so sales teams never get left behind.

Employ a belief system powerful enough to overcome.

Scott Burrows

Workplace Safety

Scott details his life-changing story of turning a paralyzing setback – caused by a poor, split-second decision – into a powerful comeback that reinforces a safety-first message.

Help teams develop a true safety-first mindset.



Healthcare leaders and teams need help staying focused, motivated, and resilient. Equip them with the practical tools they need to stand up to any challenge and never give up hope.

Help your people find more fulfillment in their work.

Scott Burrows - Vision, Mindset, Grit

The Book

“Vision, Mindset, Grit is interesting, insightful, and a fresh outlook on achieving the impossible. A must-read book for every person who aspires to stay positive, no matter what challenges arise. A truly great book!”
Steve Gilliland
Bestselling Author of Enjoy The Ride™

Rare are those individuals who can truly inspire others to the core and move them to action. Scott Burrows is one of those people. His riveting story of overcoming adversity through sheer determination, will power, and goal setting is mesmerizing and uplifting.

Vision, Mindset and Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You is more than the story of Scott’s determination to overcome enormous obstacles and rebuild his life. It is a testament to his mission to inspire others to triumph over adversity as well. His message of hope and success resonates with audiences worldwide, motivating them to make positive changes in their own lives.