Scott Burrows

Actionable Insights To Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge

The principles of Vision, Mindset, and Grit are a simple framework with a powerful message.

Where we want to go, how we approach each day, and the relentless dedication to our purpose is what makes people successful and creates a life of meaning.


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President/CEO of Global Pharm Company


Focus on What You Can Control

You Can Always Change Your Thinking




Scott Burrows - Vision, Mindset, Grit

The Book

“Vision, Mindset, Grit is interesting, insightful, and a fresh outlook on achieving the impossible. A must-read book for every person who aspires to stay positive, no matter what challenges arise. A truly great book!”
Steve Gilliland
Bestselling Author of Enjoy The Ride™

Rare are those individuals who can truly inspire others to the core and move them to action. Scott Burrows is one of those people. His riveting story of overcoming adversity through sheer determination, will power, and goal setting is mesmerizing and uplifting.

Vision, Mindset and Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You is more than the story of Scott’s determination to overcome enormous obstacles and rebuild his life. It is a testament to his mission to inspire others to triumph over adversity as well. His message of hope and success resonates with audiences worldwide, motivating them to make positive changes in their own lives.