Conquer Adversity, Overcome Challenges & Navigate Change With Resilience Speaker Scott Burrows’ Life-Changing Presentation

Inspirational Keynote Speaker Scott Burrows’ unforgettable story of turning a paralyzing setback into a powerful comeback motivates audiences to take action!

“Not only are people glued to their seats, they are hanging on every word. His passionate story about overcoming the most difficult of life’s challenges is a must-see and must-hear for anyone that believes in ascending the highest of mountains—even if others are telling you it cannot be done. There were few dry eyes in our audience when Scott was done, but there were many hearts and minds opened to the possibilities of what perseverance and belief in oneself can achieve. Scott Burrows delivers more than a speech about what he has overcome in his life, he brings a mindset that can change your life.”   Rich Henning, Senior Vice President, Suez North America

“THANK YOU for your Virtual Presentation!!! Scott, we truly appreciate all you did and said. It was a great blend of your story and experiences tied in to our Team needs, goals, No Excuses, pushing forward. We truly appreciate your time. The message was great and the Q&A was very impactful.”   Carena Reber, Director of Client Support & Events, Flex Technology Group



Interactive programs that have attendees laughing, crying and cheering!

“We had a great conference, but Scott was undoubtedly the highlight as he absolutely captivated the audience and got several standing ovations. I can’t recommend Scott highly enough if you are looking for someone who can motivate your team and help relate your company’s challenges with those he has faced. Truly one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with or listening to.”   James Ford, VP of Category Strategic Advisory, The Coca-Cola Company



Vision-Mindset-Grit by Scott Burrows

Scott is the best-selling author of Vision-Mindset-Grit, his engrossing life story that lays out the roadmap for companies and organizations dealing with catastrophic change, seemingly unconquerable setbacks while providing them with practical tools they can put into immediate action to help push towards exponential growth and personal success.

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Scott Burrows is a top-rated Motivational Keynote Speaker and change agent who brings the concepts of VisionMindset and Grit to life using his transformative personal story as the backdrop for sustainable business success. Scott teaches listeners how to push the limits of what’s possible and set goals that stretch the mind—even during challenging market conditions, leadership changes or company mergers, limited bench support, resistance, doubt and fears. 


“I could say that Scott Burrows simply ‘spoke’ to our buying group organization’s owners and senior partners, but actually, it would be better stated that Scott mesmerized this group of hard-to-impress folks on these topics that day! By diligently researching SMA before his speech, learning in-depth our purpose, practices, challenges and opportunities, and precisely aligning these with the myriad relevant aspects of his amazing life’s story, Scott drove home to all a message of seeing what is possible and good, overcoming all obstacles to get there, and winning! He left our audience standing, clapping and deeply wishing that he would stay with us a whole lot longer!  Chris Rowe, Director of Marketing Services, Strategic Marketing Alliance



Experience a Transformational Hero’s Journey

How to Stand Up to ANY Challenge

As audiences worldwide have discovered, Scott Burrows’ compelling story provides an unforgettable and lasting memory to inspire your audience to stand up to any challenge. Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott reveals how to drive results using the same mental focus that helped him reinvent his life after a catastrophic accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. He will demonstrate there are no barriers or stop signs in life, just detours and workarounds.

Through the power of storytelling, Scott will teach attendees how to apply the same timeless principles of Vision-Mindset-Grit that have had a profound impact in his life. Three simple, yet powerful words, that when put into action can help teams conquer adversity and master change. Scott sets the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and empowers attendees with leadership strategies that will benefit your entire organization.

This is the perfect Inspirational Keynote Presentation to open or close your conference to challenge your audience to be resilient, adaptable and set goals that stretch the mind. As a motivational business speaker, his message of Vision-Mindset-Grit will literally transform the way you look at industry challenges, your competition, business and life goals.


“This keynote sets the tone and stage for the entire convention. We look for someone who can inspire us, has a message that ties to our convention theme & industry, and who would motivate us. Scott delivered on these three key points and more! Scott was able to weave his personal story with lessons learned, strategies to overcome obstacles that come your way, and encourage all to never to quit because success can be just around the corner. Our audience was clearly captivated by these messages. A measure of success was that he received two standing ovations. Standing ovations rarely happen in our keynotes, and two have never happened before Scott. Working with Scott was a pleasure. He was available, communicative and generous with his time. He made sure he delivered what we were looking for in a keynote. I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker and would be happy to talk with you personally about our experience.”   Liz Whitney, Director, Education & Meetings, International Warehouse Logistics Association




  • Learn how to create a visionary game plan that entices you to take action
  • Examine the benefits of dreaming in full color and setting goals that stretch the mind
  • Discover the impact of connecting your organi­zation to a shared company vision
  • Find out how conscious visualization can give you that competitive advantage


  • Learn how breaking the fall line can help you create an unstoppable mindset
  • Examine the mindset of poise and execution and releasing resistance around change
  • Discover how to not let your mindset become your biggest handicap to increase productivity
  • Understand how forgiveness, a leadership trait, increases employee engagement and leads to greater team adherence
  • Find out how asking the “what” questions can get you thinking differently and help you navigate change


  • Learn what it takes to stretch yourself beyond your paralyzed state to reach unimaginable goals and up your game
  • Examine why your willingness to fail but your unwillingness to quit is a leadership trait that can keep you focused
  • Discover adaptive strategies to help you stand up to any challenge
  • Understand the winning impact of going with what scares you
  • Cultivate ways to unlock your grit that can improve your performance


“We recently launched a new sales division and were facing challenges and growing pains common in the start-up phase of many organizations. Oftentimes, the little things can get people down, and in a growth organization, these include basic operational and support challenges as well as the challenge of being ‘first’ and having to establish a successful culture and foundation with limited bench strength to draw upon. I was looking for a speaker who could help put the challenges we were facing into perspective, and could share the work ethic, attitude and beliefs they followed down their road to success for my team to learn from. Scott Burrows was definitely the right choice, and his personal story touched everyone. Scott worked with my management team and me to understand our business goals and challenges, and effectively paralleled these with his own experiences to illustrate how his approach could be applied to their personal challenges. He was effective in his delivery, was well received by the team, and I believe he provided them with the inspiration and motivation to continue breaking new ground, while establishing a winning culture in the process.”   Darrin Rayner, Vice President – Internet Division Sales, IdeaArc Media Association

Contact Scott today if you are ready to experience a powerful, engaging and thought-provoking presentation that is customized to the needs of your organization. Scott seamlessly weaves in your organization’s challenges, core values and objectives while lending his own powerful story and anecdotes to compliment your overall theme and product messaging.

He offers versatile, industry-specific presentations along with his Signature Keynote Presentation for LeadershipSalesTechnologyHealthcare, Safety, Change ManagementDiversity, Education, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Financial Organizations.

“Scott did an excellent job of connecting his personal story to development in the workplace and emphasized not only adapting to, but stepping up to, the challenge of the ever-changing business environment… Scott’s message was inspiring and the highlight of our event.”

“Scott Burrows delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in Gordian history. Scott will make you laugh, cry and applaud in deep appreciation for sharing his story and how we can all maintain positive momentum in this thing called life.”

“Spellbound, entertained and inspired are just a few of the words that immediately come to mind when thinking of Scott Burrows and the impact he has with attendees. I’ve had the privilege of hearing most of the domestic and international’s best, and Scott Burrows is among the elite regardless of the ages in his audience. He delivers with incredible style.”