Category: Never Give Up

You walk into your workplace one day only to have your superior call you in for an early meeting. A straight-faced human resources manager informs you of your permanent dismissal… and for moment, your life seems to pause.

For a long while, nothing around you matters—nothing but the fact that you just faced a major challenge in your professional life.

Here’s the thing: while it is hard to imagine, getting fired could be a blessing in disguise.

This setback and its consequences should not be able to keep you from looking forward to a new, prosperous stage in your life. (more…)

You hear all kinds of horror stories when you set out to pursue your dreams. Haunting accounts of pain and hardship, of people who’ve loved and lost, who’ve failed and faded.

It’s enough to drive one to the brink of insanity or turn to dust the dreams of a youthful, ambitious spirit, plagued with crippling fears. (more…)