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“Thank you for your safety leadership presentation at our annual meeting. Many of the attendees told me that it was one of the best safety presentations they had ever attended. Your story and message are very impactful. Your mantra of Vision-Mindset-Grit resonate with our managers. You drove home several of our primary safety tenants, but obviously only someone with your life experiences can achieve such an emotional and uplifting response in doing so.”   – Basic Energy Services



Scott was amazing and had our participants on the edge of their seats. After a long day of meetings and presentations, Scott was able to capture their hearts and minds with his incredible storytelling and relatable style. We appreciated that Scott could tailor his presentation to our meeting themes and bring to life the mindset that we wanted to cultivate through his unique life story and the grit he used to overcome seemingly impossible circumstances.”   – BASF Construction Chemicals, Americas


Safety Strategies for Frontline Teams

With the alarming predominance of workplace accidents caused by human error, the importance for engaging teams with safety procedures in a way that is meaningful and can promote significant change is crucial. Most human factors involved in accidents occur in the arena of memory, awareness and attention, judgement and reasoning, attitude, and risk perception – all areas dealing with the cognitive mindset and the need for even the most highly-trained individuals to remain alert and focused during potentially hazardous work situations.

Motivational Safety Speaker Scott Burrows details his unforgettable, life-changing inspirational story of turning a paralyzing setback caused by a poor split-second decision into a powerful comeback that will inspire your team to develop a true safety MINDSET. Scott details how easy it is to become desensitized to common safety routines, and how ‘just this once’ can tragically impact the rest of their lives.

Told while using own physical paralysis as a visual metaphor and blending eloquent storytelling with humor and crowd interaction, Scott leaves audiences captivated, inspired and ready to take action. His VISION, MINDSET AND GRIT SAFETY PRESENTATION will Impact your team by encouraging better day-to-day safety decisions in the workplace and changing the way your employees view and approach their jobs. Listeners will walk away embracing workplace safety protocols as opposed to resisting or ignoring them.

  • Learn how to create a clear Vision that entices your employees to follow safety procedures and promotes accountability for their teammates
  • Examine the safety Mindset of poise, execution and non-resistance
  • Discover how not to let your Mindset become your biggest handicap to increase employee productivity
  • Find out how asking the ‘what’ questionscan get you thinking differently and help prevent accidents in the workplace
  • Cultivate ways to unlock your Grit that can improve safety performance

“Scott’s exceptional professionalism resulted in not only in a heartfelt standing ovation from all in attendance, but successfully underscored he highly important theme of how individuals can overcome obstacles even in the most extreme or unanticipated circumstances. Moreover, Scott was able to link individual achievement with the role of an individual in helping a forward-thinking team to become more than the sum of its parts. We were all very pleased with the extent to which Scott worked in advance, to understand the themes of the event, which revolved around workforce safety, as well as the nature of the company’s business. His preparation thoroughly integrated our objectives with his core messages. We warmly recommend to other companies the motivational, dramatic and effective presentation of Scott Burrows that also revolved around workforce safety.”   – Mark Bruner, Robroy Industries


The Mindset of Safety for Supervisors


Frontline safety supervisors are the linchpin for an effective safety culture and responsible for creating an environment that embraces self-awareness, accountability and non-resistance. In the midst of analyzing hazard investigations, regulatory requirements, training and maintaining a safe work environment, it is easy to lose focus, and harder still to find the daily grit to persevere in an ever-changing environment.

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In this impactful leadership safety presentation , Scott teaches supervisors how to inspire teams to make better safety decisions while staying focused on a shared company vision that will lower your recordables.

  • What can I do to encourage a shared responsibility in team members to not only follow individual procedures, but to ensure teammates are also demonstrating safe behaviors in the workplace?
  • What can I do to lead by example that will demonstrate my investment in individual team members and help educate workers that even a minor accident can have a devastating effect on everyone?
  • What can I do to encourage my co-workers to make better safety decisions that will safeguard company protocols so they are not overlooked by management and fellow workers?
  • What can I do today to positively reinforce safety compliance through encouragement and reward, rather than merely negative consequences after an accident has occurred?

“At a time when our 100 year-old company was going through major changes in leadership and heading in a new cultural direction, Scott Burrows delivered the message of Transformational Change. The stories of dealing with a new reality and getting through each minute, hour, day and week of his new life after the accident were inspirational and put our business challenges into perspective.  Scott received a standing ovation from our employees and set in motion a different way to accept change in our organization.  Scott was able to weave the issues facing our construction industry into real life examples of his life that were relatable to the audience. I have had the opportunity to listen to many speakers over the past 35 years and the message Scott delivered to our company was amazing!”   – Karl Kreutziger, President, C.W. Driver Companies

“I’ve heard over 100 motivational speakers at various conferences, including speakers such as Pat Riley, Lou Holtz, Chris Gardner and many, many others. Though I can remember a few of the speakers, it is rare that I can remember what they’ve spoken about – at least not for very long. Your message Vision, Mindset and Grit is simple but so very powerful. It is simple enough that I have thought about it every day since your presentation. It has been a powerful reminder to me of the importance of having a clear vision, a mindset to focus on those things I can control and having enough perseverance – Grit – not to give up too soon.”   – William R. Mumpower, CLU, CFP, Executive Vice President, Ashford Advisors

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Fleet Safety: Peak Performance Strategies for Drivers

(left) The Black rig ripped from the frame and was totaled, yet the driver was uninjured because he was wearing his seatbelt.  (right) The Red rig rolled over and down an embankment on a rural two-lane road. The driver was unbelted and suffered a broken neck. This ended up being a $9,000,000 workman’s comp claim including reserves.

With vehicular accidents costing employers $60 billion per year in property damage, legal and medical expense as well as the loss of worker productivity, employee training and development will always be the key factor in keeping drivers safe, while also protecting your companies’ bottom line.

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Nothing delivers the importance of safety better than a compelling personal story. Neuroscience studies confirm storytelling illuminates parts of the brain that are only active when a listener actually experiences something – triggering their imagination, engaging them with a deep emotional response and sealing it into subconscious memory. With these areas of the brain activated and connected by a physical and emotional response, memory retention has been shown to be up to 7 times more effective than training through facts and figures.

Key Program Takeaways:

  • Learn how to communicate a shared company vision that will impact drivers to take safety seriously
  • Understand the method for creating a laser-focused mindset that will help drivers minimize road distractions and heighten awareness
  • Discover adaptation strategies that will increase employee buy-in and crush resistance to safety protocols

“Your testimony was truly inspiring. It is a story that shows how every decision we make, whether at home or on the job will determine our destiny. It also shows that making safe decisions daily and keeping your safety and the safety of others a priority is so important. We are still talking about your story, and I am sure we will continue to talk about it for years to come. Your entire message was one that points out the reality of how one decision can change your life and how you overcame some very tough obstacles. Your presentation was very impactful to our organization. A testimony of truth, reality, inspiration and hope!”   – Michael Renforth, VP of Safety, Health and Environmental, Dickinson Fleet Services

As one of the world’s leading transporter of oil and petroleum products, we recognize that our current and future success is attributed to our skilled and motivated workforce. Every year we look for ways to inspire our employees to reach their goals. We engaged Scott and he quickly connected to our employees and spouses and shared his personal story in a way that made us all rethink our choices and attitudes in life. Scott exceeded our expectations in both his messages and impact.”   – Leon Zupan, Vice President Operations, Enbridge Pipelines

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Overcoming Stress on the Job

[This breakout option is available for a reduced fee when added to any one of Scott’s main keynote programs]


Scott’s presentation was definitely the highlight of our Safety Summit. Thank you so much for sharing your story and how you overcame challenges to be who you are today. It reminded us that no matter how small or large the decision, anyone can be impacted. Safety is not only needed in the workplace but anywhere you are, in any scenario. Life can change in an instant.”   – South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (SCMA)

In this interactive safety session, Scott Burrows dials in the origins of stress and helps audience members understand how to stay focused and resilient on the job site. This breakout training helps listeners reduce mental distractions, recognize the symptoms of stress and nervous system overwhelm, and provides concrete techniques to reduce it.

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Scott teaches workers how to identify the difference between job-induced stress and personal projections that can lead to accidents, while engaging audiences to identify and reframe their way of thinking. Packed with insights from his compelling personal journey through catastrophic change, audiences will walk away empowered with tools to help improve and control their mental and physical environment, rather than merely reacting to it.


  • Causes of stress
  • Recognition of the ‘controllables’
  • Staying focused under distractions

Stress Management Techniques:

  • How to immediately recognize negative thought patterns and realign Mindset
  • Develop new patterns of behaviors onsite that support safety and productivity
  • How to respond to stress instead of ‘reacting’ to it
  • Effective lifestyle changes that greatly impact and reduce stress levels on and off-site

Audience Interaction

  • Identify personal stressors that affect job performance
  • Team exercise


“Scott Burrows keynote speech was incredibly inspiring and motivating for our employees in our mission to bring safety in the workplace and manage injuries to their best outcomes. Scott was unique in that he did the research on our company and interspersed keen comparisons of our company’s challenges into his own life’s lessons on safety, not being afraid to fail and never quitting. This made Scott’s captivating, challenging message an even more personal and meaningful one for our employees. I highly recommend Scott as a motivational speaker for any company, and especially a company interested in increasing their safety culture.”   – James (Jim) C. Owen President and CEO, Missouri Employers Mutual

Your “Vision, Mindset, and Grit” keynote presentations powerfully underscored Seminole’s commitment to diversity celebrating and championing positive change from the individual through organizational levels. Your dynamic presentations were overwhelmingly assessed by our employees as one of the very best and most inspirational that Seminole employees have ever heard!

The following are a few of the many positive changes that have already occurred for Seminole and our employees:

“As a direct result of Scott’s inspirational presentation, I have been able to confidently ‘stand and deliver’ a series of formal presentations to my fellow employees that will help them to better meet workplace safety and security requirements. Thank you, Scott! ” I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of presentation seminars over the past 30 years, to include military as well as civilian venues – without reservation; they do not even come close to you!”

“I am the captain of my soul’ quotation has inspired me to confidently take charge and control of my life — here at work and at home. I recently volunteered to lead a corporate budget software program rollout that will enhance Seminole’s capabilities in this critical area.”

Thank you once again, Scott, for your personal and professional testimony that inspires each of us to achieve greater positive changes within our workplace and personal lives. We genuinely welcome and look forward to partnering with you in the future.”   – Bob McNamara, Staff Development Specialist, Seminole Electric Cooperative

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About Scott Burrows

Scott was a star athlete and fierce competitor. By the age of 19, he played college football at Florida State University and was a top-ranked kick-boxing champion whose last victorious fight was broadcast on ESPN. That same night while celebrating with friends, he made a split-second decision that led to a catastrophic accident, changing his life forever. Bypassing his usual safety precautions, Scott decided to forgo wearing his seatbelt as a passenger in a friend’s car as they drove just one mile down the road to scavenge firewood for their bonfire. His friend accidentally lost control of the wheel, ran off the road and crashed into a mound of sand that sent the car hurtling through the air before tumbling back to earth, end over end. Scott broke two vertebrae in his neck and suffered a life-threatening spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic.

With nothing but a dire prognosis on his ability to recover, Scott undertook the challenge of overcoming his mind and emotions in order to maintain a VISION and MINDSET so powerful, he was able to discipline his body with the daily GRIT needed to overcome his present circumstances and move into a future he was told by his doctor was not even possible!

What came innately to Scott at such a young age has now been revealed through neuroscience to be exactly what is needed to rewire the brain and body for significant change. Scott will teach your team members how to override their nervous system response and resistance to change, maintain a safety mindset of awareness and daily focus, and how to apply the daily grit needed to move into success.



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