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Scott Burrows, Motivational Safety Speaker


“Safety Affects Everyone in the 2023 Workplace – Including You”


There has been an important shift in workplace safety that will involve everyone in your organization. As a motivational safety speaker, I must emphasize that “safety” is more critical than ever.

Forget the posters and harnesses?

Traditionally, the organization has been divided into “them and us,” for example, those in the office and those in the factory; those drawing up the plans and those “out there” building it; those who had to worry about safe driving or safety harnesses, and those who saw those things as “their problem, the worker’s problem.”

In 2023, those safety distinctions have blurred. The following safety concerns are seen as affecting everyone in the workplace. Unfortunately, no one is invulnerable to safety issues and, in some cases, it is easy to see how the tables have turned, where administrators and managers are more vulnerable than “workers.” The following list, from multiple sources could potentially affect anyone we know.

The following list includes 2023 safety challenges in addition to the usual fears over transportation accidents, slips, falls and manufacturing incidents:

  1. Infectious and other diseases – As I write this, healthcare facilities are overrun with a mixture of COVID, the flu and the Respiratory syncytial virus infection (RSV). If that weren’t enough, due to COVID many employees neglected their health by avoiding treatment for everything from heart disease to diabetes. Everyone in the organization is inter-connected and there must be a renewed dedication to health.
  2. Workplace rage, bullying and violence – Mental illness, anger, frustration and impatience are sweeping organizations. Never before in the workplace has the expression: “If you see (or hear) something, say something, been more important.” HR departments must allow, 100% that employees reporting potential problems are iron-clad protected from retaliation. There must be a ZERO-tolerance for any kind of workplace bullying.
  3. Transportation or retail theft – Theft often brings violence and that includes any kind of financial fraud or cyber-bullying. Whether the theft is from a jobsite or it must be immediately dealt with and thoroughly investigated along with acts of sabotage, missing tools and parts or office supplies. With so many supply issues we may continue to see theft from transportations, like trains and trucks.
  4. Computer crimes, ransomware attacks and vendor fraud – Though not normally seen as a safety issue, computer crimes can – and do – affect employee health and wellness.
  5. Political issues – Sadly, politics, EDI workplace biases and subtle campaigning have led to workplace violence. Again, these are issues for which there must be zero-tolerance policies. How is your organization dealing with those safety challenges?
  6. Drugs – In addition to on-the-job alcohol and marijuana abuse, drugs such as opioids have made it the workplace. Opioids are available in epidemic quantities.
  7. Hybrid workplace and training issues – As the workplace has re-opened, not only are organizations struggling to find employees, but many employees lack proper training which, in turn, can cause serious, on-the-job safety problems.


Safety issues will affect everyone in 2023, and looking out for one another has never been more critical. Are you determined to act – and respond to the not-so-obvious threats to the well-being of your organization?


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