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The Florida Trade Show Industry Outlook


As a Florida Motivational Sales Speaker, the following events outlook report could be timelier. Florida is arguably the best state to have a trade show. The sales and marketing talent that gather at Florida trade shows are among the best in the world. However, I know that Florida trade events can make or break a plan and in 2023, everyone selling at shows must adjust to the new, post-pandemic sales event world.

The new trade show industry outlook has just been released. There is good news and several challenges I want to briefly review.

Good news for budgets

Post pandemic, event budgets are up after two years of relative lockdown and more than 85-percent of Florida trade show sales and marketing people will see more funds. Still, it will be a modest increase. Companies will still have insufficient resources in terms of help, money and technology. Everyone will have to make do with less. Because of that, there will be a need for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Instead of single, mega-major trade shows in Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or other single tradeshow locations, look for the rise of “everyday events,” almost like pop-up shows in multiple locations.

As a Florida motivational sales speaker, I know these everyday events could be an exciting development.

Companies will have to do more with less resources, but on the other hand, the everyday event might also allow closer contact with key decision makers, more flexibility and creativity.

Important statistics for every Florida-exhibiting company the survey also uncovered were that 27-percent of sales and marketing teams could host up to 20 of these events each year, sometimes repeating cities.

While the so-called industry flagship events will continue to be held, sales people take note that industry-wide only 13-percent of companies will focus on them.

Also, look for events to get more targeted and specific. Events are becoming much more audience specific and at least 32-percent of those surveyed said audience targeting was a big deal.

At the other end of the spectrum, while close to 40-percent of companies understand that virtual sales and marketing events are cheaper to run than virtual, under 7-percent of companies across the board will devote much in the way of resources to them.

To that end, tech budgets from 2021 through to 2023 will remain flat.

Overall, more than 80-percent of sales event professionals are looking for tools to make tradeshows more successful.

There’s a distinct pattern here

In delivering talks to audiences as a Florida motivational sales and marketing speaker, I like ask a question that often seems to stump people: what is the most important tool at your disposal? Some cite software packages; others talk about online advertising or AI copy geared toward industry specific communication.

The true difference-maker, the most important sales tool, is you. You are the one who needs the vision to anticipate these changes. It is a matter of determination to be successful in light of all the changes.

Can you be creative and tenacious at the same time? Can you see the importance of focus and while embracing the need to be flexible no matter the situation? If you can, 2023 could be an incredible year.


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