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It Always Comes Down to Trust


As a motivational insurance and financial sales speaker, it is around this time of the year that I look forward to reading “everyone’s top 5 list” of challenges for the insurance and financial sales industry. Sometimes it is 7 challenges and even 10. Frankly, I chuckle at seeing if the AI generated copy stumbles one over the other. To read the lists, it is almost as though no one writing the copy has ever actually sold these products. I have, and as an insurance and financial sales speaker, I know that what you do can’t be reduced to “a list.”

This I know

In the world of sales, a huge world we would all agree, there is almost no field that requires as much human commitment and trust as insurance and financial sales. Why? Think about: you are holding someone’s future in your hands; their safety and security; their businesses, and often their health.

I mentioned artificial intelligence or AI earlier, and many in the industry believe that the AI “threat” poses the biggest challenge. It is not. AI will give your customers all of the answers to their questions, but it won’t give them what they need. What do they need? They need you.

Think about it. A potential or existing customer reaches out to you loaded with information about a product. Their knowledge of the product is extensive, in fact, it is amazing. Then they say (and you have all heard this):

“This is exactly what I need, this is what I want to pay and don’t try to talk me into anything else.”

You hear their “extensive knowledge,” and quickly realize they are missing a lot of detail, paying too much or even too little and ultimately could be opening themselves to a catastrophe. AI will not tell them that, of course. AI will not help much if they go with the wrong coverage or find a poorly-rated plan or neglect some key issues that could result in a tragic outcome on top of an already tragic situation.

This I know: when an agent or AI program focuses only on impressing a customer with product knowledge and not on presenting real answers, everyone loses.

Be determined to find a solution

Your valued customers choose you not only for your product knowledge, but to help them find a real solution to their problem, and obviously, their issues are serious. While I am not saying that AI is unimportant, I am stressing that no one knows your client better than you and no one can offer the personal level of service and commitment than what you can offer.

No matter what challenges agents will face in 2023, remember it all comes down to trust. Trust overcomes AI, trust overcomes competition, trust overcomes so-called bargain pricing and simple or incomplete solutions to complicated problems. Be the difference maker by being a trustworthy partner in the lives of your clients.


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