Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Speaker

In The End, “AI” is No Match for Your Intelligence   As a keynote speaker for insurance and financial services groups, there is a new fear I am hearing that has swept across the industry: the fear of AI or artificial intelligence. While we know that the post-pandemic period has seen one of the biggest […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance Sales Motivational Speaker

2021 Insurance Sales: It’s About the Attitude of the Team   As a motivational sales speaker for insurance conferences, I know that as uncertain as 2020 may have been for the entire industry amid unprecedented changes, 2021 will test those in the insurance industry more than ever before. Insurance industry expert Jean-François Gasc wrote an […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Keynote Speaker

Are You Determined to Know the Truth About Insurance Sales?   My career as an insurance and financial services keynote speaker wasn’t something, I fell into one fine day. I learned the insurance and financial services industry from the bottom up. Despite personal and physical hardship and sacrifice, I made it into the Million Dollar […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Insurance Sales Speaker

Insurance Industry Change: Virtually as Hard as You Make It   As a motivational insurance sales speaker and former member of the Million Dollar Round Table, I know that selling insurance is easily one of the world’s most intensive, public facing sales jobs. Though products vary from company to company, the most important product you […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Speaker on Resilience and Grit

In Sales, Some Things Change; Resilience Doesn’t   As a motivational speaker on resilience and grit, I know that of the many qualities a salesperson needs, resilience – and the daily grit to remain resilient – are never mentioned enough. Perhaps it’s because resilience, the skill of being flexible, isn’t thought of as being cool. […]

Scott Burrows, Inspirational Insurance and Financial Services Sales Speaker

Are You Determined to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life? When I deliver keynote addresses as an inspirational insurance and financial services sales speaker, I often encounter attendees new to the industry who ask me why I was attracted to the industry in the first place? It is an easy question to answer: “I believed […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Motivational Sales Speaker

Overcoming the Adversity of the Online Insurance Tidal Wave As a motivational sales speaker in the insurance and financial services industries, whenever I am asked to deliver a keynote address on overcoming adversity, I always feel like I have come home. After an accident that left me diagnosed as a quadriplegic, I was encouraged by […]

Scott Burrows, Disability Insurance Sales Motivational Speaker

Are You Overcoming Adversity to Reach an Underserved Market? Prior to my career as a business keynote speaker, I worked as a top producing sales agent for disability insurance and wealth planning. The same mindset I applied to overcome my diagnosis as a quadriplegic later landed me a highly competitive spot in the Million Dollar […]