Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Overcoming Healthcare Challenges Speaker

The Biggest Healthcare Challenges Are Found in Us   It is impossible to say how many times I’ve delivered keynote speeches on Healthcare Challenges when an audience member might ask, “Scott, have you ever seen a greater healthcare challenge than the one we face?” Invariably, they are referring to a specific disease or a set […]

Scott Burrows, Leadership and Accountability Keynote Speaker

What Do You Ask of Others That You Don’t Demand of Yourself?   As a keynote speaker on leadership and accountability, I have found that in terms of all the issues causing C-level executives to struggle, far and away, “accountability” is their biggest challenge. Leadership cannot survive without accountability in their organizations. Business writer Shannon […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Speaker on Overcoming Challenges

Are Meeting Planners Determined to Overcome a “Rosy” Outlook?   As a motivational speaker on overcoming challenges, it may be counter-intuitive for me to ask clients in the meeting planning industry if they are determined to ‘overcome’ the rosy market outlook for 2020. Yes, but… Most industry surveys for 2020 seem to be optimistic enough. […]

Scott Burrows, Inspirational Insurance and Financial Services Sales Speaker

Are You Determined to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life? When I deliver keynote addresses as an inspirational insurance and financial services sales speaker, I often encounter attendees new to the industry who ask me why I was attracted to the industry in the first place? It is an easy question to answer: “I believed […]

Scott Burrows, National Association Inspirational & Overcoming Adversity Speaker

Motivational Speakers Impact Meeting Attendance for Associations   As a keynote speaker to national associations on the topic of motivation and overcoming adversity, I know the importance of my mission. This coming year, national association speakers will speak to nearly 207 million attendees at 1.8 million events. These events range from major keynote addresses and […]

Scott Burrows, Inspirational Speaker for the Meeting Planning and Incentive Industries

“Does Our Industry Need Meetings Anymore?”   As a keynote speaker who works extensively with meeting planners and companies in the incentive industry, I know all too well about doom and gloom forecasts when it comes to industry meetings. These are uncertain times for trade shows and the exhibition industry, and with it, meeting planners […]