Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Motivational Workplace Safety Speaker

We Will Never “Be Over” Safety   Recently, as I was delivering a talk as a workplace safety speaker, I was asked if we would ever be at the stage where workplace accidents would cease to become a problem? “Unfortunately, workplace accidents are based on poor decision making. Unless there is a focused shift in […]

Scott Burrows, Teamwork Safety Speaker

  “63% of businesses use email for emergency communication even though it is the preferred channel of communication for only 10% of respondents.” – 2021 Rave Workplace Safety & Preparedness Report   A Safety-Minded Team is Your Best Piece of Safety Equipment   I mentioned the above quote to point out an obvious – and potentially […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Sales Speaker

What are you afraid of?   As a motivational sales speaker, it’s strange that more people don’t want to go into sales. This is especially true after most of us spent more than a year locked down, and many of our family, friends and neighbors got laid off. Did you know that according to the […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance & Financial Services Motivational Speaker

Serious Question: Are You Focused on Being a Good Servant?   As a motivational business speaker for the Insurance & Financial industries and former member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, I’m aware of all of the reasons new agents fail. If I were to choose one reason above all of the others, it is that […]

Scott Burrow, Change Management & Resilience Motivational Speaker

Nothing is Back to Normal, and That’s The Point   Recently, as I was presenting to a group in-person, on resilience and strength, I emphasized that nothing is back to normal. Last year I presented to the same group virtually and next year? Next year is next year. There was a time when we knew […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Safety Speaker

A Safety Mindset is Not Optional   In my virtual and live safety speeches, I often remind audiences that safety protocols are sometimes viewed as an option when workers are tired, stressed or in a hurry. In order to remain steadfast during times of unexpected change or mental and physical overwhelm, training teams to remain […]

Scott Burrows, Grit and Resilience Speaker

Resilience is Forged by Determination & Grit   Last year in a virtual speech on resilience, I was asked if a resilient manager is the descriptor of someone without conviction or an objective. “Oh no,” I said, “it is quite the opposite.” In fact, as a keynote speaker on resilience, I know that the most […]

Scott Burrows, Association Keynote Speaker

Now, More Than Ever, Associations Must Engage Members   In my role as an association keynote speaker, I know that now, more than ever, associations must re-engage their members. Association membership has been in trouble for quite some time, and membership loss and membership engagement with those organizations have worsened during the pandemic. In February […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Keynote Speaker

Are You Determined to Know the Truth About Insurance Sales?   My career as an insurance and financial services keynote speaker wasn’t something, I fell into one fine day. I learned the insurance and financial services industry from the bottom up. Despite personal and physical hardship and sacrifice, I made it into the Million Dollar […]

Scott Burrows, Corporate Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion

Is Your Team Determined to Fight for Diversity?   Never before in the history of our nation has diversity been more of an issue than it is now. It is time for change, but it takes an active mindset to change the corporate vision. Are you determined to help in that fight? Dollars and (Common) […]