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Serious Question: Are You Focused on Being a Good Servant?


As a motivational business speaker for the Insurance & Financial industries and former member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, I’m aware of all of the reasons new agents fail. If I were to choose one reason above all of the others, it is that those who fail, tend to place their commission checks above their dedication to service. In other words, new agents are often more worried about the immediate gratification than the long-term benefits of service and reward from that service.

It is easy to get defeated when those first checks don’t match expectations. It’s a shame, because victory is so close if only, we have the vision to see it through and the dedication to service above all else.

A Servant’s Mindset

We are here to serve our valued clients. The better we serve, the better we do financially, personally and in terms of purpose. The most successful agents are those who understand that we often serve our clients through their darkest and most challenging times. It is a high honor and an important responsibility.

We must be there for them, and if we are, our success will follow. But what, exactly, is the servant mindset? Many people use the term without fully embracing it.

You may have heard the expression “servant leader,” where the leader, be it a CEO, company president, department head or manager, understands that their role is to support those who work for them.

In terms of the insurance agent, being a good servant to one client, your client, is every bit as important as the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar insurance and financial services company must be of service toward thousands of employees.

But what qualities should every good servant agent have? I will list at least 8 qualities of servant leadership we should all have as agents:

  1. We must empower and allow our clients to ask questions, to understand, to gain knowledge and to make decisions based on the information you give them.
  2. We must constantly learn. I am not only talking about “products,” but what is happening in the market, what are the future challenges and opportunities to be faced together between you and your client.
  3. We must be teachers. A good servant teaches and makes things clear. Knowledge is King and we must help them understand.
  4. We must include our clients. But isn’t that always the case? Sadly, no. Being dedicated to service involves transparency. Clients need to know “the why” of it all; why this product, why is it best for me, how does it compare to competitive products?
  5. Honesty and ethics. Of course, it should go without saying, but being a good servant is placing the clients interests ahead of all other interests.
  6. Ask questions show you’re engaged. Don’t answer every question before you ask it.
  7. Listen. This goes hand in hand with the above. When a client shows apprehension, concern or uncertainty, it is not an invitation to steamroll. They are the customer; you are there to service their needs.
  8. Are you more placing commissions above being a good servant? If so, understand that clients instinctively understand you are not there for them, but for yourself. This is why some relationships soon fail.


Being a good servant or servant leader for that matter, requires the vision to see yourself in a successful insurance and financial services career, the mindset to be the best at that job you can be, and the grit to get better every day.



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