Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Motivational Safety Team Speaker

  It is Time to Get Accountable about Safety   As a motivational safety team speaker, I am familiar with the many recent studies on isolation and loneliness. If you’re currently scratching your head as to what loneliness might have to do with safety, just stay with me for a moment as we move through […]

Scott Burrows, Teamwork Safety Speaker

  “63% of businesses use email for emergency communication even though it is the preferred channel of communication for only 10% of respondents.” – 2021 Rave Workplace Safety & Preparedness Report   A Safety-Minded Team is Your Best Piece of Safety Equipment   I mentioned the above quote to point out an obvious – and potentially […]

Scott Burrows, Healthcare Speaker on Resilience, Grit and Teamwork

The Delta Variant: As Tough as We Want It to Be   Being a Healthcare Keynote and Motivational Speaker on resilience, grit and teamwork, I realize that while no one can predict the future, all of us have a choice when it comes to the “Delta Variant” of the COVID-19 virus. The choice is whether […]

Scott Burrows, Corporate Keynote Speaker on Vision

Having a Shared Corporate Vision: More Than a Feel-Good Expression   My keynote speeches for corporations on the value and importance of having a shared company vision stress that a collective vision is more than a “feel-good” expression; it is a philosophy of corporate wellness. There is quite a bit of research that backs me […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Safety Speaker

A Safety Mindset is Not Optional   In my virtual and live safety speeches, I often remind audiences that safety protocols are sometimes viewed as an option when workers are tired, stressed or in a hurry. In order to remain steadfast during times of unexpected change or mental and physical overwhelm, training teams to remain […]

Scott Burrows, Team Building Motivational Keynote Speaker

The Glue That Holds Teams Together   As a team building motivational keynote speaker, I know that we are in the midst of an unprecedented time. Indeed, there have been three phases to this time. Hubert Joly, writing for the Harvard Business Review (May 8, 2020) wrote that these phases are: The Shelter-in-Place Phase, the […]

Scott Burrows, Corporate Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion

Is Your Team Determined to Fight for Diversity?   Never before in the history of our nation has diversity been more of an issue than it is now. It is time for change, but it takes an active mindset to change the corporate vision. Are you determined to help in that fight? Dollars and (Common) […]

Scott Burrows, Leadership and Accountability Keynote Speaker

What Do You Ask of Others That You Don’t Demand of Yourself?   As a keynote speaker on leadership and accountability, I have found that in terms of all the issues causing C-level executives to struggle, far and away, “accountability” is their biggest challenge. Leadership cannot survive without accountability in their organizations. Business writer Shannon […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Leadership Keynote Speaker

  Where Will Your Organization Find Its Future Leaders? As a motivational leadership keynote speaker, I often field questions from attendees as to how they can identify new leaders. Oftentimes I will answer, “How about the person standing next to you?” The conversation may sometimes end at that point, or the person next to the […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Safety and Team Engagement Speaker

Engaging the Younger Workforce about Safety is a Life Changer As a motivational safety and team engagement speaker with a passion for speaking to the younger workforce, I have always admired the following quote by Coach Tony Dungy: “I enjoy talking to young people, and talking to people about helping young people. That part is […]