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Where Will Your Organization Find Its Future Leaders?

As a motivational leadership keynote speaker, I often field questions from attendees as to how they can identify new leaders. Oftentimes I will answer, “How about the person standing next to you?”

The conversation may sometimes end at that point, or the person next to the guy answering the question might say, “Me? Oh, I’m not a leader, just a follower.”

How Would You Know?

Any organization, your organization, is looking for people to step up and lead. The problems are usually two-fold and are reflected in the brief exchange just a few sentences above. On one hand, most companies are always weighing their need to find leaders against their perceptions of how much it costs to recruit good leaders, and on the other hand, existing employees who could be fantastic leaders never think of themselves that way.

Marcel Schwantes, in a recent inc. magazine article entitled: “12 Ways to Identify the Future Leaders of Your Company Right Now,” discussed three important points (among many) worthy of deeper discussion:  1) focus on potential, not performance, 2) evaluate someone’s investment in the company’s future, and 3) farm your own in-house talent.

All three points require determination on the part of the executive team. Are you determined to see the potential in people? Are you determined to see those employees who are deeply invested in the company vision and with it, do you have the vision to do what it takes to transform them into leaders?

The Contract

If the organization is seeking leaders, future leaders within the company must have the determination and vision to be recognized as such.

As an employee, do you feel you have the potential to step up and lead? Are you invested in the future of your organization? If called upon to lead, do you have the daily grit to help elevate your company to the next level? Finally, if someone in your organization believes you have the tools to be a leader, will you shy away from the challenge or embrace the opportunity?

In 2017, the Wrike, Inc. collaborative work management platform published an inciteful article entitled: “9 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skills.” It addresses any employee who wants to be recognized by their organizations as potential leadership material. The top three attributes are: practice discipline, take on more projects, and learn to follow.

All of those commitments require a seriousness of attitude and a directed focus to accomplishment. Discipline is a nice enough concept, but how many employees have the discipline to learn more about the job, to motivate others and to be dependable about doing quality work?

Leaders do more than what is required of them. Leaders see something that must be done and they will do it. More workload is often related to discipline. If employees are disciplined and they become more efficient, they can accomplish more.

Leaders learn to follow, and for many, this point is a problem. Following requires humility and acceptance. Many who claim to want to lead often have problems sublimating arrogance. In short, they are not team players. To lead and inspire great teams means to be willing to see many perspectives, to appreciate others and to help forge a common mission.

Organizations are looking for you, if you have the determination to do what it takes to be found.


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