Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Building Resilient Sales Teams Speaker

What Does a Resilient Sales Team Look Like?   The most frequent question asked of me as I am about to deliver a motivational speech on building resilient sales teams is: “What is the one thing all resilient sales teams have in common?” It is an honest question, but as 2022 has come around, I […]

Scott Burrows, International Insurance & Financial Sales Speaker

Global Insurance Outlook Looks Strong for 2022, so Why Should The Industry Worry?   As an international speaker who specializes in virtual and live speeches on insurance and financial services sales, I frequently emphasize that the topic is quite personal to me. Prior to my speaking career I sold insurance, and after five years, worked […]

Scott Burrows, Keynote Speaker for Insurance & Financial Services

Change is All-Around Us, It’s Time to Rise Up   As a motivational speaker for the insurance and financial services industry, I have never seen as much sweeping change as we are experiencing now. I say this as someone who worked in the industry and made it to the Million Dollar Round Table and who […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Sales Speaker

The Post-Covid-19 Recovery Looks Promising, But Nothing is Automatic   As a motivational sales speaker, I keep hearing from my colleagues in sales all of the “happy news” about how great 2021 will be for sales professionals. On the surface, everything does look positive, but that’s when I start getting worried. Joyce Chang, Chair of […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Keynote Speaker

Are You Determined to Know the Truth About Insurance Sales?   My career as an insurance and financial services keynote speaker wasn’t something, I fell into one fine day. I learned the insurance and financial services industry from the bottom up. Despite personal and physical hardship and sacrifice, I made it into the Million Dollar […]

Scott Burrows, Resilience and Adversity Keynote Speaker

Adversity is Not a Four-Letter Word   Several years ago, the Harvard Business Review ran an article entitled “How to Bounce Back from Adversity.” It is as important now as when it was first written a decade ago. One of my favorite passages rings true to me now, more than ever: “Even for the less […]

Scott Burrows, Pharmaceutical Sales Speaker

Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean Stuck at Home   In my work as a motivational pharmaceutical sales speaker, one of the most often asked questions I hear these days is, “With all of this social distancing stuff, I’m stuck at home. How can I do my job?” The answer is that the challenge isn’t one […]

Scott Burrows, Real Estate Sales Speaker

Be Determined to Be the Difference in Real Estate Sales   As a virtual motivational speaker for those in real estate sales, I know that “the numbers” don’t tell the story. In 2019, about 6 million new and existing homes were sold and there were about 1.4 million realtors. Sounds easy, right? Hardly. Along came […]

Scott Burrows, Virtual Sales Team Motivational Speaker

The Most Important Member of Your Sales Team? Hint: It Isn’t You.   As a virtual sales team motivational speaker, I know how tough its been in what I call “The Time of COVID.” The good news is that for the most part, business has adapted. McKinsey & Company, the international management consulting firm, has […]