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5 Lies That Prevent Lasting Motivation

Everybody knows how important motivation is for success. It feeds your energy, enabling you to take on the toughest of challenges in your journey. However, motivation may be represented in the wrong light.

Ever felt that rush of energy when you exit a motivational workshop, only to find yourself deflating after a while? You realize that the motivation you experienced was more hype, less encouragement.


There are facts that lead to sustainable motivation, and then there are the lies. It’s time you stopped believing in these:

“All you need is motivation!”

Motivation has no substance. It is your fuel, and you need action to utilize that fuel. If a person says they feel motivated to get a certain promotion, but in fact does nothing to achieve it, then they cannot actually reach their destination despite all the motivation they have.

“Motivate people by telling them what to do.”

Telling people what to do has the opposite of the intended effect. People left and right tell us what to do. If that is all it took to motivate people, there would be no one left uninspired.

Actions speak louder than words. Lead by example; if you truly want to motivate people, show them what you did.

“Setting goals does not motivate people.”

Goals remind us that we have a direction. While not all goals are great goals, they let us know which way to go. Setting goals is like setting up signs on your road to success.

“Setbacks lead to demotivation.”

Setbacks are frustrating. They disappoint us and can temporarily pause our pursuit of success. However, setbacks are also inevitable, and are in fact the setup to a comeback.

If setbacks were truly de-motivating, then Hollywood producers would never use them as the reasons for your favorite characters to gain determination and achieve their happy endings.

“There is no such thing as lasting motivation.”

Yes, we know the title promises lasting motivation. In truth, motivation is always eventually countered by an opposing force, and you need to revisit your sources of motivation. While you can use the same tools or techniques to get motivated again, never indulge the idea that ”once was enough.”

People need motivation to re-energize. Scott Burrows delivers his keynotes on change management, overcoming adversity, goal setting and other subjects of professional encouragement in a realistic and empathetic manner to motivate professionals across different organizations.

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