Scott Burrows

A Day At The Medalist: Where Vision, Mindset, and Grit Met on the Golf Course

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to tee off at the prestigious Medalist Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. As I made my way down the manicured fairways and navigated the challenging greens, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe knowing that I was playing on the same course frequented by golf legends like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

But what made the experience even more special was sharing it with one of my closest friends, Brendon McCarthy. Brendon, a fellow entrepreneur and owner of McCarthy’s Pub, brought his Irish charm and unwavering determination to the game, embodying the very essence of vision, mindset, and grit.

Shot after shot, I couldn’t help but marvel at Brendon’s journey as a business owner, especially in the face of the unprecedented challenges brought about by the global pandemic. Like many small business owners, Brendon faced uncertain times, but it was his compelling vision that fueled his determination to keep fighting the good fight.

Brendon saw beyond the obstacles and envisioned a future where McCarthy’s Pub not only survived but thrived in the face of adversity. He knew that in order to weather the storm, he would need to adapt and innovate, and that’s exactly what he did.

With a resilient mindset, Brendon made numerous adjustments to navigate the changing landscape of the hospitality industry. From offering curb-side service to leveraging social media to connect with customers, he embraced change with open arms, ensuring that McCarthy’s Pub remained a beacon of warmth and hospitality in the community.

But perhaps most inspiring of all was Brendon’s unwavering grit. Day in and day out, he showed up ready to tackle whatever challenges came his way, refusing to give in to despair or defeat. It was this gritty determination that carried him through the darkest days of the pandemic, reminding us all that resilience is not just about weathering the storm, but about dancing in the rain.

As I reflect on our day at the Medalist and Brendon’s journey as a business owner, I am reminded that greatness is not measured by the accolades we receive or the challenges we face, but by the strength of our character and the resilience of our spirit. Here’s to Brendon McCarthy, a true embodiment of vision, mindset, and grit, and to all those who dare to dream and defy the odds.

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