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How to Book a Motivational Speaker for Your Healthcare Facility

Why hire a healthcare keynote speaker?

Many times, healthcare providers choose to suffer in silence — taking stress on themselves as they provide care for others. Unfortunately, that is not a healthy way to deal with stress in the long term.

As a motivational speaker for the healthcare field, Scott Burrows can help you teach your staff to:

Promote healthier ways to deal with stress: Healthcare staff and personnel very often have diverse personal and work-related issues affecting them in their daily lives. These stressors may have a negative impact on their duties at work. As an employer, you can help your staff by providing them with inspiration and guidance on how to achieve balance and relieve some of the pressure they face.

Spread positivity that can benefit both staff members and patients: The emotional state and positivity of healthcare professionals doesn’t only affect their performance and their own mental health — it is also likely to have an impact on the patients they interact with. Healthcare professionals with positive energy are likely to cause a ripple effect for their colleagues and patients, even improving the overall performance of your hospital or healthcare clinic.

Provide healthy motivation: Healthcare staff workforce encounter various challenges that may range from high overall workload to lack of recognition and motivation. As minor as it may seem, lack of motivation is considered one of the main workforce challenges faced by nurses all around the globe. Motivating healthcare givers can greatly improve their skills, and result in overall better care coupled with suggested changes in the working conditions.

Professional speakers such as Scott are highly innovative in giving motivation in these settings. Having had first-hand experience in these challenges and their solutions, Scott has leadership skills and abilities that will empower every member.


Help dealing with the stresses of the healthcare industry

Healthcare professionals shoulder the burden of making life or death decisions on a regular basis. With the different cases they encounter on their daily routine, ranging from life threatening conditions to minor self-limiting illnesses, healthcare professionals need necessary skills in dealing with them.

Leadership roles placed on healthcare staff can be stressful even for the most learned individuals. They may need an award-winning keynote speaker to interact with and equip them with skills on how to improve the services and care they render at their institutions.

Talks offered by motivational speakers to inspire healthcare providers may also help improve their social well-being, enable them to understand how to deal with the hierarchy in the institution, and encourage them to pursue their profession in new ways that benefit their local communities and themselves.

Empowering success

Scott will not only uplift the spirits of your healthcare team, but can also leave them with a positive attitude that will shape the care they provide. Success is in the mind, and Scott helps shape it into a positive physical outcome.

Few motivational speakers can connect to healthcare professionals the way Scott Burrows can.

Scott’s experiences with life-changing accidents and working closely with healthcare professionals has given him an understanding of how medical professionals can impact the lives of their patients.

He realizes the difference between seeing the patient as just another case and those that took a more personal approach.

Healthcare professionals have rewarding jobs, but they also endure high levels of stress on a constant basis, making it hard for them to remain motivated. It becomes important to remind them of the impact they have on the lives of others, and Scott is committed to reigniting their passion by sharing his inspirational story.

Business challenges in the medical field

The medical industry is currently dealing with an array of business challenges that include a shrinking labor pool, decreased reimbursements and daily stresses that come with the job. Hospitals are also businesses that need to look at differentiation and growing their market share.

Different revenue streams

Like any other business, hospitals and medical facilities also have to generate revenue. In order to stay on top, they need to explore other ways of increasing profits.

Scott provides business insights that help medical businesses re-evaluate their strategies and develop new ones according to the demands of the highly competitive market.

Overcoming adversity and change

The healthcare industry is continuously undergoing change. Stricter rules and regulations can leave the healthcare industry feeling paralyzed. Advanced technologies are regularly being introduced that not only involve significant investment but also frequent training of medical staff.

In such a dynamic industry, there is a need to quickly overcome adversity and embrace change—the core message in Scott’s presentations.

There are three principles to Scott’s message for success in professional and personal life. He emphasizes the importance of having a vision to work toward, keeping a positive mindset in times of adversity and  having the grit to overcome all the barriers that come your way.

Scott’s passion for the healthcare industry comes from a very personal place. By engaging the audience with thought-provoking content and touching them with his compelling story, Scott leaves a lasting imprint.

Want to book a professional healthcare motivational speaker? Look no further. Scott is the perfect keynote speaker for you!

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