Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows, Motivational Financial Services Speaker

  The Mortgage and Real Estate Market: Let’s Get Real   “As we move through spring homebuying season, buyers and sellers remain at a standoff. Persistently high mortgage rates and home prices continue to put off many prospective homebuyers as fears of ongoing inflation, bank sector volatility, weakening economic growth and an impending recession hang in the […]

Scott Burrows, Motivational Insurance Industry Speaker

  Flipping the Script on Public Distrust   At the outset of this year, leadership in the insurance industry outlined the top challenges facing insurance sales reps in 2023. And as a motivational insurance speaker and former financial advisor, I know it is crucial to flip the script when it comes to communicating with your […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Sales Speaker

  It Always Comes Down to Trust   As a motivational insurance and financial sales speaker, it is around this time of the year that I look forward to reading “everyone’s top 5 list” of challenges for the insurance and financial sales industry. Sometimes it is 7 challenges and even 10. Frankly, I chuckle at […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Speaker

  Tell Me Your Purpose, I’ll Show You Your Profits   “2023 could be the year the “new normal” fully comes into view. There will be opportunities to help define the future, one in which profits and purpose are inextricably linked. Financial services leaders can be poised and ready to move the industry forward.” – […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance Sales Motivational Speaker

  You already have your next lead, but don’t know it   As an insurance sales motivational speaker who started his career in the insurance and financial services industry, I know well that one of the most important issues is in finding new leads. Insurance sales requires constant prospecting and lead generation. The first move […]

Scott Burrows, Banking & Mortgage Financial Speaker

  What is the Path through a Turbulent, Uncertain Market?   As a banking and mortgage financial speaker, who began his career in the financial services arena, I understand the challenges of uncertainty in a complex and chaotic industry. How do you continue to grow and attract new clients with interest rates doubling, rising to […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance Sales Speaker

  The Biggest Change is Mindset   As an insurance sales speaker who started his career in insurance and financial services, the progression of the industry continues to hold my interest and concern. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics over the next decade, insurance sales positions should maintain a healthy growth of +6 […]

Scott Burrows, Insurance and Financial Services Speaker

  The Human in the Loop is You   When speaking to audiences in my role as an insurance and financial services motivational speaker, I am careful to differentiate the impact of technology from the critical role of the representative. In a recent McKinsey Report on the top technology trends in insurance technology, there is […]