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Scott Burrows, Insurance Sales Motivational Speaker


You already have your next lead, but don’t know it


As an insurance sales motivational speaker who started his career in the insurance and financial services industry, I know well that one of the most important issues is in finding new leads.

Insurance sales requires constant prospecting and lead generation. The first move many agents make is to spend hard earned money on marketing and advertising. In fact, some agents spend so much money on this effort, they lose track of all other aspects of the business, including the servicing of current clients. This is altogether the wrong approach.


In these times of re-establishment

Clearly, one of the effects of the pandemic was that we all lost touch with one another. In this last quarter of 2022 and into 2023, the entire industry needs to go into re-establishment mode. Every agent must dedicate themselves to building up relationships that grew weak and distant. There are at least four reasons for this strategy:

  1. To get your name “back out there,” and to let everyone know you’re stronger than ever. The pandemic took our minds off of “life” and normalcy.
  2. To safeguard and retain the existing client base. Show them they are valued and respected and that you’re here to serve.
  3. To determine if there are additional insurance needs that may have been overlooked. From electric vehicles to new swimming pools, needs have expanded and changed.
  4. Most importantly, to get new referrals and/or recommendations. The pandemic did change many things, but it was not all bad news; work habits changed; transportation needs changed; healthcare was affected; home improvements and moves were often affected; new businesses were launched. Each change could signal new opportunities for you.

On the other hand, in pursuing the opportunities above, research has shown most agents will spend less money on lead generation. Your next lead is already there because a higher level of customer service most often results in personal referrals. It is a much more natural way to build a business.

It doesn’t hurt to ask

Rigorous customer service can not only lead to new business, but to reviews and recommendations. Social media is powerful in attracting leads, so don’t be afraid to ask existing clients for a review.

The pursuit of new business is a chore few agents especially enjoy. It takes dedication more than money and sophisticated lead generation software; it takes visualization and grit to grow the business rather than expensive advertising.

It is well established that many businesses fail when business owners fail to ask for the business. If you are committed to the delivery of world class customer service, customers will reciprocate in kind by offering recommendations, referrals and opportunities.

It is time for you to get in touch, not by more advertising but by increased commitment and customer service. Be that agent; deliver that service.


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