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Change Is Good – How to Stop Being Afraid of It

Without change, there is no progress. And without progress, there can be no goal attainment or means of achieving success.

We as cautious beings are highly resistant to change. The fear of the unknown that lies beyond is what holds us back, and it is this fear we need to learn how to curb.

For change is the gateway to bigger and better things for you!

Let Yourself Panic

You can sense change on the horizon—maybe you’re considering a risky job change, or perhaps things around you are transforming and leaving you in the lurch. Let yourself experience the panic it incites in you. It’s natural to be afraid of change, so don’t try to suppress it. What matters is that you move on from the stage of panic to a better, more productive state.

Accept the Inevitable

You have to accept that change, in any facet of life, is inevitable. Once you have fully embraced the fact that there is nothing you can do to stop the natural process of change in your life, you will be more welcoming to its existence. You cannot control the situation; you can only have a hand in how you perceive and react to a situation.

Embrace Risk-Taking

Most of us like to play it safe, whether it’s about our choice of drink at a restaurant or related to important life decision-making.

Our lives are full of infinite, wonderful possibilities, ones that can’t be achieved without at least a little bit of risk involved.

Let yourself out of the cage of your comfort zone from time to time and you’ll see yourself rising up to more and more challenges – especially the challenge of embracing changes.

Don’t Focus on Failure

If you fixate on all the things that go wrong, you’re bound to be scared out of your mind of the possibility of change or taking risks. Instead, try to focus on the ways in which it could work out wonderfully—all the positive outcomes of whatever changes you may be faced with in your personal or professional life.

Scott Burrows is a highly adept keynote inspirational speaker on change and offers valuable insight to audiences when it comes to learning how to cope with, and adapt to, major transformative events in life.

His gift for connecting with a large audience is backed up by his challenging experiences over the course of his life, where he can inspire people to move beyond adverse situations.

He is also a corporate sales speaker with valuable insight into the world of leadership and business. Read testimonials about his work as a speaker or contact us at 855-841-9225 to find out more!

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