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Crash Of Creativity—And How To Get It Back

You must have had one of those days where no matter how hard you rack your brain and will yourself to be creative you end right back at square one—which is absolutely nowhere.

Regardless of what most people believe, creativity is not a switch to be turned on at will. We call it “creative energy” for a reason: you use it to fuel your mind, to rev up your imagination, and to drive your way to the execution of original ideas.

That being said, when facing a creativity block, you need to replenish your mind. Delve into these tips that can help you do just that:

Retreat And Repose

Creative energy often faces a setback due to a previous burnout. Whether you are a high-rising entrepreneur, a forward-thinking art expert or a writer for innovation-demanding clients, you need to relax now and then.

The human brain prefers not to focus on a single task for more than 45 minutes or so; the mind too needs rest.

Create Distractions

Daydreaming may sound like a waste of time and energy, but the time spent imagining the what-could-be can be quite advantageous. According to studies, a network of parts in our brain is at its most active when our mind wanders away from reality— network that is ultimately associated with creativity.

Indulge In Arts

Art comes in all forms: a stroll through the local gallery, a mind-provoking film or simply some music to wrap yourself into a lyrical bliss.

Art has the power to educate and spark imagination, as it gives you a window into your own mind. If you have led your life so far without turning toward its many forms to inspire yourself, then now is the time to start.

Exercise The Creative Blockage Away

Don’t dismiss the power of the mind-body connection! In addition to the betterment of physical health itself, exercising contributes to the  enhancement of creative thinking.

Hit the gym or go for a lengthy run. Not only will your brain thank you for the blood and oxygen you push toward it, but it will restore itself to its former creative glory.

Look Up To Creative Thinkers

What makes someone successful? How do they do it? Ask yourself this and seek advice from those who’ve mastered creative thinking. Delving into someone else’s creative insights is a great way to stoke your own creativity.

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