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Cultivating Grit: Questions to Ask Yourself

With experience comes understanding, and somewhere down the line, when you find yourself struggling for success, you’re going to realize that one quality is necessary above all—and that is grit.

The concept of grit is all about persevering even in the face of adversity, all for the sake of pursuing whatever it is you want.

Grit is not born out of thin air; it is a characteristic developed over time, generally a result of the relentless pursuit of goals that allows one to flourish professionally, personally and emotionally.

What are the goals I want to accomplish?

Do you have a dream you’re looking to make true? Are there certain goals you know you will regret not going after? Determine what goals you have and how important they are to you.

The pursuit of these ambitions, whether personal or professional, will no doubt be challenging and call for you to persevere, but the level of importance you give them is what matters in the end.

Is it the right time to go all in?

When it comes to reaching out for success, timing is truly everything. Achieving goals is all about taking risks and stepping out of one’s comfort zone, but first you need to assess whether it is the right time for you to be doing all of that.

How far have I come?

If you’re looking to cultivate grit within yourself and encourage yourself to persevere, it helps to look back on what you have achieved so far and take stock of how much growth you have accomplished on a personal level.

If you’ve encountered no hardship, that’s a surefire sign that some risks need to be taken to fine-tune the art of authentic grit.

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