Scott Burrows

Embracing Change: How to Open the Doors to Professional Success

They say change is the essence of life, the magic that awes and amazes—turning paupers into kings and skeptics into believers.

It sets the pulse of your journey no matter where you’re headed, compelling you to take one step ahead even if the world tells you you’re a cripple or a handicap.

This is why you may find that the weak among us aren’t the ones without trophies; they’re the ones who live in a state of perpetual fear—resisting the undulating tides of change.

It’s not simply fear of change that makes you crash against the waves, it’s not learning how to surf along the coast of transformation—otherwise known as “change management.

Managing Change in Everyday Life

Change, much like truth, is never good or bad—it just is. What makes it beautiful or ugly is your interpretation of the situation, which defines each moment of your life.

Think of something as little as getting a dramatic haircut.

You’ve had long hair all your life, and now you feel like trying a different look. Maybe the stylist goes too short or dyes your hair a tad lighter than you anticipated.

How do you react?

Does the world come crashing down?

Do people sever ties with you?

Do you hide under your covers until it grows out?


Or do you accept the fact that this is how you look and do the only thing you should do—which is walk with confidence?

It’s exciting to consider the prospect of something new; but when change looks us dead in the eye, most of us avert our gaze simply because we’re not used to it.

Remember: you’re the one who wanted a different look—and a different look was precisely what you got!

Learn from Every Setback

Life is a miracle unlike any other.

It’s a privilege to be alive, to be awake and mindful—each day giving us a reason to celebrate our existence, each season reminding us to embrace the wonders of a naturally rotating cycle.

If you’re struggling with change in your personal of professional life, cling to the following mantras and dance to the rhythm of life:

Acknowledge change.

Some people think that dismissing a problem makes it go away. Don’t bury your head in the sand—the first step to overcoming your fear is acknowledging it.

Ask the right questions.

Turn your “why me?” into “what can I learn from this challenge?” and discover a whole new portal of possibilities that will make the situation a blessing in disguise.

Write your own destiny.

When the world seems to burn, you have a choice: you can either burn and disappear with it or rise from the ashes like a phoenix and soar across the skies of wonder.

I was a former All-Star athlete who suffered catastrophic injuries from an automobile accident. I was told I could never walk again.

Today, I deliver motivational seminars for high-profile companies—demonstrating the miracle of change management by walking away from my wheelchair.

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