Scott Burrows

Engage Every Member of Your Team with VISION, MINDSET and GRIT


Scott Burrows: Team Engagement Keynote Speaker

There is no higher mission for creating a dynamic workplace than to engage every member of the team. Team members need to understand their purpose and how they fit into the company. If they can answer “WHY am I important to my team?” it will empower them and boost their performance to new levels.

Scott Burrows, America’s Leading Team Engagement Motivational Speaker

Scott Burrows, a dynamic motivational speaker on team engagement, teaches organizations how to motivate work groups to outperform their competition. Scott’s unique three-pronged strategy of VISION, MINDSET, and GRIT energizes employees to understand how vital they are to the success of any company. When teams interconnect and share common goals and dreams there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Let Scott Burrows Teach Your Team How to Harness a Common VISION

  • Scott’s programs train teams how to create a clear vision that inspires them to take action
  • Scott Burrows teaches organization how to truly engage team members in a way that will create a single important shared vision throughout the company
  • Scott Burrows’ team engagement keynotes teach work teams the benefits of dreaming in full color and setting goals that stretch the mind
  • Learn, through Scott’s relevant and engaging presentation how visualization of a common purpose can give your company a true competitive advantage

Let Scott Engage Your Team to Harness the Power of an Enthused MINDSET

  • Engage Scott to teach your team the necessary skills to create an unstoppable mindset by “breaking the fall line”
  • Hire keynote speaker Scott Burrows to equip your organization with the tools to develop a focused mindset of poise, execution and non-resistance
  • Discover how to keep your mindset from becoming your biggest handicap and increase team productivity as Scott details his unforgettable story of overcoming adversity
  • Understand how forgiveness, an essential leadership trait, can restore hope and lead to increased loyalty by team members to company procedures
  • Listen as Scott Burrows introduces the concept of asking the “what” questions to shift employee mindset and help teams think differently – even through the toughest of times

Empower Your Team with GRIT to Have Strong Team Engagement Every Day

  • Let Scott Burrows show your team what it takes to stretch beyond a paralyzed state when overwhelmed by obstacles
  • See how grit can harness employee focus so teams are willing to fail in pursuit of excellence while still refusing to quit
  • Discover how grit helps teams to adapt strategies to stand up to any challenge
  • Listen as Scott Burrows teaches your workforce what it means to go with what scares them
  • Cultivate ways your team can unlock grit to improve performance no matter what comes their way


Engage your teams with VISION, MINDSET and GRIT! Contact Scott Burrows, Keynote Motivational Speaker on Team Engagement through this website or call us today at: (520) 548-1169







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