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Envisioning Success: The Power of a Vision-Mindset-Grit Philosophy

You don’t need a degree in philosophy to discover the true meaning of life. You don’t need to learn Chinese to form a deep connection with a person from China.

You don’t have to live in poverty to hear the plight of the marginalized. And you don’t need to believe in magic to save yourself from the mouth of danger. Everything you will ever know about yourself, about life, about the world and the life that inhabits it you’ll learn by simply being open to the universe and the lessons it has to teach.

Nature works in mysterious ways. Since the dawn of time, we have witnessed some of the most phenomenal minds make brilliant discoveries by simply challenging the norm.

Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Galileo—great thinkers and polymaths of a bygone era who redefined reality by being curious and bold enough to ask questions others were too afraid to ask.

Contrary to popular myth, it’s not money and fame or trophies and cars that measure the worth of true success. It’s your ability to navigate the complex labyrinth of life with unparalleled resilience and grit. Indeed, it’s at this stage that you cultivate your own philosophy that guides you out of the maze and into a world of limitless possibility.

The Power of Vision, Mindset and Grit

As a teenager, I was committed to doing my absolute best in sports. My hard work and devotion allowed me to carve a future for myself as a professional athlete, and at the age of 19 my last kickboxing fight was broadcast by ESPN.

My philosophy was simple: work hard and aim for success, and there’s no way you won’t get what you want.

But hard work alone isn’t enough to perform so-called miracles. It’s your ability to grow with each challenge and to allow yourself to learn from every setback.

Through simple questions grounded in curiosity and a willingness to learn, you’re able to embrace change—the kind that expands your mind, your talents, your wisdom and your strength.

With this expansion comes an internal revolution. You’re able to see everything in a whole new light—yourself, your life, your world and everyone in it.

I’m Scott Burrows, and my philosophy on change management has evolved into a doctrine of vision, mindset and grit—the holy trinity of self-motivation.

Read my story and discover the secret of success that lies deep within you.

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