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Feeling Overwhelmed? Avoid These 5 Habits

Whether it’s work or your personal life that’s pushing you to the limit, the mere task of making it through your daily routine can sometimes get overbearing.

From meeting deadlines and eating right to paying the bills and keeping up with family and friends, life can certainly make you feel overwhelmed.


When you feel pressured or overwhelmed, the stress can escalate to the point where simple tasks seem like insurmountable obstacles.

When you find yourself in such a slump, it’s important to be aware of your thoughts and actions, which can play a big role in either minimizing or exacerbating the stress that comes with being overwhelmed.

If life has you feeling swamped and overloaded, take care to avoid indulging yourself in the following 5 habits:

1. Procrastination

The absolute worst thing you can do is procrastinate and put off your responsibilities for the next hour, the next day or the next month. Doing so guarantees that whatever needs to be done will stay undone, looming over you and causing you more stress.

2. Negative Thinking

You’re already feeling overloaded and burnt out—don’t add fuel to the fire by engaging in negative thoughts. A negative mindset can help you spiral fast and hard, and you’re likely to end up worse than you started if you give in to the negativity knocking at your mind’s door.

3. Worrying About the What-Ifs

Avoid thinking too much about what the future holds, because the negativity will spill in to these thoughts and you will be endlessly concerned about potential failures in both personal and professional avenues. You don’t want to go down that road!

4. Engaging in Excessive Complaining

Complaining about your situation won’t help you solve it. All you’re going to do is hype yourself up again and again, relegating blame to anything and everything, leaving you still feeling overwhelmed nonetheless.

5. Holding onto Your Troubles

Whatever is bothering you, be it some tiny irritability or some significant setback in your life, holding onto it and ruminating on it will not help you feel less overwhelmed. It will only serve to escalate your stress, leaving you more anxious than ever.

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