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When Frustration Strikes: Getting to the Other Side

Frustration is a feeling that everyone is familiar with. Generally, it stems from the failure of others to meet your expectations of them, or a lack of concrete results from your efforts to achieve something.

When you feel frustrated, the feeling can be all-encompassing. It is unpleasant and stressful, and can become a roadblock in your path of personal and professional self-growth.

To overcome your feelings of frustration and discouragement, and to allow you to cope with them in a healthy manner, we have some valuable guidance to offer.


Gain Some Clarity

The first thing you must turn your focus toward is to try to understand why exactly you’re feeling the way that you are. Frustration can be caused by a number of factors—it could be due to a sense of stagnancy in your career or a lack of needs being met in a relationship, essentially being the result of any setbacks you may be facing in your personal and professional life.

Getting some clarity on where your frustration is stemming from is the first step you need to take to allow yourself to come up with the right solution. You can only overcome this feeling once you recognize the source.


Manage Your Expectations

Everyone has certain expectations out of life, out of other people and out of the efforts they put into achieving their goals.

When these expectations are not met, the result is frustration. This can be quite overwhelming and is likely to make one think that nothing ever goes their way.

If you find yourself in such a situation, take a good look at the kinds of expectations you have and learn to manage them effectively.

This is particularly the case when dealing with other people, who are sometimes self-absorbed and unfair. Understand the limitations of others and accept the fact that setbacks are yet another part of life.


Shift Your Perspective

Dealing with frustration is about trying to overcome the sense of dissatisfaction and hopelessness it results in, which in turn leads to the problem of inaction.

In order to be more proactive in your approach to the problem at hand, change your perspective of it. View this as a learning experience and try to focus on what good can come out of a bad situation.

Keynote motivational speaker Scott Burrows provides individuals with insight into how they can take a more proactive approach in life, using his own personal challenges as an example for audiences to learn from.

He is an avid advocate of change, promoting a mindset that is positive, proactive and carefully crafted to help one persevere.

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