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Making Success Leaps Away From Your Comfort Levels

There are times when you feel trapped in a never-changing lifestyle. You tell yourself that it is due to lack of opportunities. Reality is that you yourself haven’t given yourself the chance to shuffle away from your comfort zone enough to view the opportunities you are surrounded by. Or perhaps you are aware of them, but feel hesitant to challenge yourself.

Being stranded does not mean you are somehow failing at life. However, there comes a time when you need to pick up your pace—and allow yourself to grow toward success.

Here are a few ways to step out of your comfort zone and make a few changes in your personal and professional life:

Face Your Current Situation

Admission is the first step toward change. It is not pleasant to have your flaws pointed out to you, especially when you are the one doing it. Know that as long as you remain in denial of your monotonous life routine you will never realize the need to make changes.

Have A Working Plan

Making changes in your life is fruitless if you go around in circles. Trying “something new” that does not actually direct you away from your pre-defined norms is not changing; it is stepping along the edges.

Seek Inspiration

Look at the successful people in your field. For instance, as a businessperson, you can observe those more successful in your organization’s hierarchy. The way they interact with people, the way they present themselves, the way they speak with their subordinates and superiors—every habit is a note worth jotting down on your journal.

You do not need to compare yourself with them; everyone exists in different life environments and has a different history. It helps to simply observe how someone pushes themselves to do better.

Begin The Evolution

You are working toward a better version of you. Once you have enough inspiration, enough creative energy, move forward.

Consider the five-hour rule. This practice is employed by many successful people as a process toward improvement.

  • You dedicate one hour toward reading; gaining the knowledge in a theoretical form to add to your bank of information.
  • Allot the next hour to reflection. Contemplate on what you read and think of ways you can apply it to your own life.
  • The final stage is experimentation. This is where you finally spring into action. Start small; take one new step at time for a major change.

Take Time Away From Work

Working all day every day is not the solution to improving yourself. Overworking tires you out, and that exhaustion contributes to your hesitations and doubts. How do you try something new when you are too worn out to do what you already do?

Here is some advice: free up your weekend. Go out, take a walk and exercise. Visit the theatre and eat out. Call your friends or family for a get-together. Supporting yourself by pampering yourself—and letting others support you—allows you to gain more confidence in your abilities.

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