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Meet Scott Burrows, a Resiliency Speaker Renowned in the Insurance & Financial Industry

Delivering powerful keynote addresses, I am passionate about sharing my transformative journey, demonstrating how my principles of Vision, Mindset, and Grit can empower organizations and teams to break boundaries, defy limitations, and embrace relentless determination.

Reflecting on my vibrant college years at Florida State University, where I thrived as a walk-on wide receiver under the legendary Coach Bobby Bowden, and had my last kickboxing fight filmed on ESPN, life seemed abundant with promise. Yet, fate took an unexpected turn on November 3, 1984, when a car accident left me with severe spinal cord injuries, altering the course of my life forever.

In the face of adversity, we are confronted with choices. We can succumb to bitterness and defeat or harness resilience to overcome challenges. Through my keynote presentations, I guide audiences through the peaks and valleys of my journey, infusing humor and insight to illustrate how embracing Vision, Mindset, and Grit can propel individuals towards personal and professional triumphs.

My own journey exemplifies the transformative power of these principles. Despite the odds, I defied expectations by walking out of Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado, just six months after being diagnosed as a quadriplegic. Returning to college, I earned a degree in Finance and embarked on a successful career with Northwestern Mutual Life, specializing in disability income insurance planning.

My resilience and determination culminated in prestigious industry recognition, qualifying for the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table award—an accomplishment achieved by less than 8% of peers annually across 70 countries.

Not content with mere survival, I embraced a new challenge—competitive wheelchair rugby, known as Murderball, now a Paralympic Sport. Whether opening or closing meetings and conferences, my mission remains constant: to inspire and ignite belief in the limitless possibilities within each individual’s grasp.

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Inspiring organizations to cultivate a Vision that transcends boundaries, a Mindset that defies limitations, a Grit that knows no bounds! 

Scott Burrows - Vision, Mindset, Grit

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