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Scott Burrows, Creating Resilient Healthcare Teams Speaker

What Can We Expect for Healthcare This Year? Change.


What do I predict? Change, lots of it. As a motivational speaker on the topic of managing change and creating resilient healthcare teams, I can forecast that nobody knows exactly what lies ahead. Am I hedging my bets? Not really.

Don’t take this vision of 2022 change as a negative, because it could be the best year in decades for our industry, and clearly for your team. Certainly, the experts are cautiously optimistic about how Americans will be feeling in terms of their prospects for health, but what about those of us who are responsible for bringing America the healthcare products and services they need?

Every prognosticator sees the healthcare industry as expecting massive disruption in the way we have been operating. Is that bad? Disruption means change. Those with innovative products and service can meet that disruption head-on, if we have the determination to do so.

“Distraction” Leads to Change

Kelly McCain, Head of Healthcare Initiatives for the World Economic Forum, wrote on January 17, 2022:

Nearly every aspect of our lives has been disrupted by COVID-19: from how we socialize and communicate, to how we study and work. We are all familiar with the crisis, but how has it impacted innovation, especially in the health and healthcare sector?”

Indeed, the disruption in our industry changed the way we work, how we meet, handle data and innovate. Change is in the air, and change demands that our industry must be more resilient than ever.

I was surprised to learn that (according to the World Economic Forum), “Up to 80% of providers in the US are planning to invest in technologies including digital health, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as tools to support clinical staff and caregivers over the next five years.”

Digitization, virtual reality, AI, the very way we market and sell in the healthcare space, will undergo change. We should expect hybrid meetings, and more in the way of remote surgical procedures. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory research will continue to see the rise in robotics. Mergers and acquisitions will accelerate and most importantly, teams not individual “stars” will win in 2022.

COVID-19 was the accelerant, but not the shocker. If we deconstruct every change we are about to witness, wise healthcare teams, teams with vision saw these changes unfolding many years ago. Organizations and their teams who were early adapters, and who were resilient in their thinking, are far out in front of companies who were content with the status quo.

Those organizations still not prepared for change will be passed by the competition and may never recover.

It Comes to a Resilient Mindset

What is the mindset of your healthcare team? Are you supportive of one another, advocates for one another, determined to win for each other no matter what 2022 holds? Change isn’t the problem in modern healthcare settings, it is the lack of resilience.

If we expect change, indeed, if we look forward to changing with change, we will succeed. If not, we will be left behind. In this moment, let us all choose wisely.


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