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Scott Burrows: Inspiring Franchise Business Speaker

In my journey as a keynote speaker within the franchise industry, I’ve had the honor of addressing numerous esteemed franchises, including Two Men and a Truck, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Expedia Cruise Ship Franchise Industry, Snap Fitness, the Conklin Companies, Screen Mobile, and many others. Through these engagements, I’ve shared my life-changing story and principles of success centered around Vision, Mindset, and Grit.

At the age of 19, I was a college student and a kickboxing champion until a tragic car accident left me paralyzed from the chest down. Determined not to let circumstances define me, I embraced these principles to defy the odds and achieve the impossible dream of walking again.

The essence of my message to franchise owners, their teams, and support staff is simple yet profound: embrace change, cultivate adaptability, and foster resilience in the face of adversity. These lessons aren’t just theoretical; they’re born from personal experience and have significantly impacted my own professional journey.

After returning to college and earning a degree in finance, I embarked on a successful career as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual Life. By applying the principles of Vision, Mindset, and Grit, I achieved remarkable success, earning recognition in the form of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table award.

However, my journey took another unexpected turn when my brother presented a new opportunity in the golf course fertilizer business in Southeast Asia. Recognizing the potential for differentiation in a crowded market, we seized the opportunity to offer custom-blended fertilizers tailored to each golf course’s unique needs. This bold move required us to leave behind familiar industries and embrace a new venture, but it ultimately led to the creation of a multimillion-dollar business over two decades.

Our success wasn’t without its challenges, setbacks, and failures. Yet, we viewed each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and maintained a mindset of continuous improvement. By embracing innovation, creativity, and a willingness to disrupt the status quo, we were able to carve out a niche in a competitive marketplace.

The concept of disruption isn’t limited to tech giants like Amazon or SpaceX; it’s something that franchise owners can embrace by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset involves seeking breakthrough opportunities, adding value to your business, and constantly striving for improvement.

To be a disruptor in your industry, you must think bigger, take calculated risks, and consistently find ways to stand out from the competition. It’s about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and embracing innovation at every opportunity.

As you navigate the world of franchising, remember that success isn’t just about following a proven formula—it’s about embracing change, embracing innovation, and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to reach new heights. With vision, mindset, and grit, anything is possible.

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Inspiring organizations to cultivate a Vision that transcends boundaries, a Mindset that defies limitations, a Grit that knows no bounds! 

Scott Burrows - Vision, Mindset, Grit

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