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Scott Burrows, Motivational Change Management Speaker


Want to be Invaluable? Be the Change Agent.


The change management trends for 2023 have been widely acknowledged, and as a change management speaker, I’m not surprised that change is now considered the new normal. Whether employees are used to their workplaces being “transformed” from year-to-year or even month-to-month, like it or not it is the present reality.

The Human Side

The interesting aspect to the 2023 workplace changes scenario aren’t the digital, so much as the human elements. Of course, change platforms and the adoption of new technologies will be digitized along with increasing use of data to dictate change, but how everyone is clamoring for increased humanizing of the process.

While workplaces from healthcare to education to production may be defined as “digital driven,” everyone understands what happens when people are turned into parts; when more value is given to AI than human needs and motivations. Want proof? The Great Resignation left many positions and departments barren. Employees had enough and walked off jobs. Nothing has been quite the same since.

In 2023, many organizations now expect a Great Onboarding, and with that comes a great many problems. Simply because many employee are willing to join more “human” organizations, is no guarantee the return will be successful. What needs to happen to help companies become victorious in this era of change? Change agents.

The Change Agents

As a motivational change management speaker, I know that in 2023 the most invaluable employees in any organization will be those who are willing to step up and to mentor, teach and lead work forces.

Change agents are invaluable. They offer support, bring about more rapid workplace adjustments and provide new employees with a strong and supportive foundation. Change agents best convey the company culture, workplace values and a mindset of success. Conversely, a lack of change agents in the work place could lead to confusion, frustration and mis-direction of important core values.

It is no secret that when an organization loses its way all of the problems that led to the Great Resignation will again return. The change agents will be the 2023 difference-makers and just who are those change agents? You. You can be the difference maker. You can be the person to lead your organization to bigger success and greater heights.

Am I Qualified?

As a change management keynote speaker, the most frequent questions I hear are, “How can I qualify to become a change agent for my company? What qualifications do I need?”

As long as you have a strong vision of what it will take to make your organization successful and the mental focus to pursue that purpose, you are already qualified. The “mission” comes down to determination; if you are determined to be the leader and support-driven employee your company will desperately need.

There may be no end to the professional qualifications your position requires, but to be truly invaluable your most valuable qualification will be dedication. Be the change agent, make this year, the year of your company’s greatest triumph..


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