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Scott Burrows, Motivational Florida Change Management Speaker


The Future is What We Make of It


As the world was about to descend into COVID-19 chaos and lockdown, The Florida Times-Union surveyed 10,000 residents representing every county in the state. As a Floridian myself, and a motivational Florida change management speaker who speaks across the nation on change, the results of the survey were both disturbing and prophetic.

Now, in 2023 I must congratulate Florida on seeing where the post-COVID world was going to lead. Some of the topline results include:

  1. A rapid growth in population. This change will mean new infrastructure including public transportation; highways; housing; school systems; government expansion and much more.
  2. An increase in retirees. This is a given especially in regard the beautiful Florida weather and still, affordability. However, it will also mean an increased need for elder care, more hospitals and clinics, greater accessibility and possible changes in codes, as well as increased surveillance for fraud and advisors.
  3. Mounting debt. At the other end of the spectrum, the costs for developing all of the structure Florida will need, the environmental protection and the economy (from debt to parks and recreation) will fall on Millennial and Gen-Z shoulders.
  4. Big City Growth. Whether Orlando, Miami, Tampa or surrounding suburbs, big city and county growth while exciting, also means more emergency services, policing, business regulation, inspections and more.

Who’s ready for the Florida Change?

Change is never easy, but change is here in Florida all the same. There are three decisions to be made: go with and help to influence the changes; fight the changes; do nothing.

As a motivational Florida change management speaker, it is impossible to count all of the folks I’ve met who simply want to shrug their shoulders and do nothing. They have the toughest time of it. Change management must happen no matter how much some ignore it.

Change can be fought. Whether you take to social media and rant away or picket city hall and even get carried away, the end result will invariably happen.

The only logical pathway is to become the change. It is old-sounding and trite but whether you are the CEO of a Florida tech company, a healthcare professional in St. Pete, or sell fish off the docks, if you want to help bring about change: be a part of it. All of the good intention in the world will do nothing to bring about the change you desire.

While one Floridian with a change mindset may not make a giant difference, one-hundred will. Change requires a shared vision and a commitment to one another. However, managing change does not always have to be broad and sweeping, but rather a dedication to workplaces and society to make things better, more equitable, and more determined to bring about a better outcome.

For the CEO of that high tech company, change could mean a greater obligation to diversity.  For the healthcare professional, it could mean a greater awareness of more affordable pharmaceuticals. And even for the captain of a fishing boat, to fight for less pollution.

The future is truly what we make of it. It must all start with the intention that it can change for the better.


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