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Scott Burrows, Motivational Healthcare Speaker

It’s Time for Me to Return a Favor


“A lot of doctors and nurses are exhausted and overwhelmed. Like many of us, they thought COVID vaccines would get us closer to life as normal. That hasn’t happened. What has happened is burnout in the medical profession” – Yuki Noguchi, NPR (September 15, 2021)


As I speak as a motivational healthcare speaker, both virtually and in-person, to groups throughout North America, I know that it’s never been more difficult to work in the healthcare profession. Healthcare workers are exhausted and underappreciated. They are getting physically sick from stress.

Megan Ford, writing for Nursing Times (September 15, 2021) stated:

“The poor work-life balance of nurses was also negatively impacting on their physical health…Across the emergency sector, other findings suggested 40% of frontline workers were at high risk of mental health disorders and that almost half (49%) of staff have been distressed by unwanted images or memories.”

It is not simply burnout from COVID. It is stress, poor working conditions, long hours, under-staffing and numerous other factors. If the healthcare profession ever needed a re-set it is now.

I See You, My Dear Friends

Why am I so passionate about being a motivational healthcare speaker? Why do I speak out in support of the healthcare industry every chance I get? For starters, you saved my life.

I remember the night the ambulance brought me into the South Florida hospital after I was involved, as a passenger, in a horrific accident. I went from being a collegiate Division-1 football player and competitive martial artist to a quadriplegic.

It was healthcare professionals who put me back together, rehabilitated me, challenged me, pushed me, counseled me and convinced me that I was far greater than my injuries. I never forgot your selfless acts, your devotion and how you honored me as a person. Now it is my turn to return the favor.

As a motivational healthcare speaker for the healthcare profession, I don’t think I ever fully shared that my philosophy of Vision-Mindset-Grit life was borne in that hospital bed.

And when I tentatively left that hospital room, now more than 20 years ago, I carried two things with me: my determination to positively motivate others and the debt of gratitude I owed to the healthcare profession.

Whenever I talk to groups of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, I explain the importance of having the shared vision of making the changes necessary to improve conditions. I urge that we must all have the mindset to be bigger and to work together to achieve greater success not only in the work sense, but the work-life balance sense. How will we do this? How will we stand up together? By having the daily, hourly grit to be better and to be there for one another.

I see you, my dear friends. I feel what you are going through and feel for your journey. It is time for a reset of attitude. You were my kindred souls at my lowest point, and I will never abandon you – especially now.



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