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Scott Burrows, Motivational Resilience Speaker for Virtual Events

At the Crossroads: Why Resilience will Change the World


As a motivational resilience speaker for virtual and in-person events, I know it is resilience that will lead us out of hard times if we have the vision to see ourselves as being successful and living positive lives.

The Resilience Focus

Studies on resilience in the workplace are not new. However, resilience is finally coming into the spotlight as the way we can climb out of lockdowns, semi-lockdowns, doubts and fear. Many organizations are at the crossroads of success and failure and it is up to each one of us to chart a positive course for ourselves and our companies.

It is human nature, for all of us to fear not being “equipped enough” intellectually or even to have the capacity to work enough to overcome the massive challenges in front of us. However, research has shown that it is resilience, and not working 18-hour days that will predict success.

Several years ago, Australia’s prestigious Centre for Confidence and Well-Being reported the results of research on organizational changes and companies making it through tough times. The findings were earth shattering:

“It is those with resilience who cope best with challenges like constant organizational change and upheaval…The good news is that although some people seem to be born with more resilience than others, those whose resilience is lower can learn how to boost their ability to cope, thrive and flourish when the going gets tough.”

This was exciting news for two reasons: the resilient employee or manager gets through the toughest of times, and it can be learned.

Then, shortly after, a classic management paper was published by the American Management Association. They analyzed resilience and key traits of resilient people:

These attitudes are commitment, control, and challenge. As times get tough, if you hold these attitudes, you’ll believe that it is best to stay involved with the people and events around you (commitment) rather than to pull out, to keep trying to influence the outcomes in which you are involved (control) rather than to give up, and to try to discover how you can grow through the stress (challenge) rather than to bemoan your fate.”

As a virtual and in-person motivational resilience speaker, I not only understand what resilience means in theory, but I have lived it after going through a motor vehicle injury that changed my life forever.

Do You Have the Grit?

Do you have the grit to be resilient no matter what challenges lie ahead for your organization? We can talk of vision and mindset in overcoming challenges, but it is grit that will keep us committed, allows us to stay in control and to be up to the challenges that are placed in front of us.

Grit demands we maintain our social networks, to make an impact and help us to grow the more stress we must undergo.

The most resilient are those who are willing to overcome the trial before us than to complain about the hand we have been dealt. Be one of those people – and you will succeed.


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