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Don’t Ever Let the Competition Paralyze You


“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” – Dorothy Thompson, Author


As a motivational sales speaker who has faced catastrophic change and adversity, I had no choice but to develop an approach to life that fought against giving into fear and allowing my emotions to paralyze my mindset. In my case, there is an irony to that statement. My philosophy was borne out of a refusal to accept the pessimism of others including medical doctors.

As a sales person do you ever find yourself paralyzed by fear? I want to examine those fears with you and to offer some advice based on my own life’s experiences.

We are all afraid of something

All of us are obviously all afraid of something, whether they are fears of sliding on the winter ice, or wondering if the shrub with the glossy leaves we pulled from our garden might have been poison ivy. Both concerns are reasonable. It’s why winter driving should be cautious driving and why there are numerous pictures of poison ivy posted on the internet.

However, for a sales rep to “feel paralyzed” by the competition is unreasonable. You can respect your competitors and even admire their sales and marketing materials, but to become paralyzed by your competitors is counterproductive.

Recruiter Brad Terry, in his article “The top 5 fears that paralyze medical sales reps,” voiced an observation I have heard in many Q&A sessions for many industries:

“[My] Current competitor is too big and strong, no one can take them down.”

Competition makes every sales rep better and the fear of competition should never paralyze any sales rep.

I would like to offer 5 ways you can begin to overcome sales paralysis:

  1. Your biggest competitor is the person staring back at you in the mirror. You, not the other guy, is the person paralyzing you. The messaging running through your brain, the negative thoughts, the fears and the judgment are all self-inflicted. There is no “sales type” and natural born sales people are a myth. YOU have it in you to be great. Start believing in that person by talking to that person.
  2. Moving forward is a personal measurement. Successful sales progress is almost never taken in huge gulps or amazing leaps, but in the day-to-day grind; the determination to be better every day to learn more, to be more effective. Baby steps are fine as long as they are forward.
  3. There is no fear in learning. Being paralyzed with fear might also be another way of saying, “My product knowledge is insufficient.” Be determined to learn more, study more, ask more, compare more, and know your industry more. Be the go-to person on your team, at trade shows, to management and every customer.
  4. Have a mindset of success. It almost sounds trite, but if you tell yourself, you can be successful, you will be successful. Fear hates self-assurance. Even if you have to repeat positive thoughts to yourself fifty times a day at first, embrace a mindset of success.
  5. Whatever happened to customer service? How many times have we heard people say. “Customer service is dead?” It’s not, you know, and it could be the biggest sales secret of all. Want to lose the fear? Be customer service driven. Be fearless in promising each customer, “I am here for you,” then back it up. Out-hustle and out-deliver in your promises. It is a self-motivating habit.

Remember: Fear cannot paralyze us if we refuse to give into its message. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that no one can take away our vision of success unless we intentionally give it away. Success is personal, private, and an inner journey—the fruits of which we can share with others. Maybe that’s why it feels so good when we achieve it.



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