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5 Steps to Spark Sales Motivation


Motivation seems to be at an all-time low and, as a motivational sales speaker coming from a sales background, it’s concerning.

Not just for me, but for organizations, sales trainers, sales managers, and sales team leaders. Hundreds of articles, podcasts, and books have been written on motivation – and the lack of it, especially after the pandemic, lockdown, virtual selling, and then something hybrid or in-person.

It seems as though life has given sales teams hundreds of crates of lemons and no one is motivated to find the recipe for lemonade, let alone to uncrate what is inside the box. What’s going on here?

It may simply be overwhelm. According to mental health author, Stephanie Kirby.

“Sometimes when you have a lot to do and feel overwhelmed, your body and mind shuts down. Instead of figuring out the details, it feels better to do nothing. We discussed how doing nothing can cause a lack of motivation, but it works the other way too.” I think she’s on to something.

As a sales motivation keynote speaker, I believe that sales professionals have not given up, but are simply overwhelmed. When sales professionals are overwhelmed, it is far more tempting to throw up hands, than to re-start and find the best path forward.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add that, in addition to the normal stressors of present day selling (all those “crates,”), sales people are also contending with inflation, supply-chain issues, regulatory issues, fuel costs, production, and labor problems. It is not just a matter of getting an in-person or virtual appointment, but in delivering on the promises and follow-through. No wonder moving all of those lemons can be overwhelming.

Where do sales teams go from here?

Sales people are often intimidated and overwhelmed because they fail to understand these five ideas:

1. Sales is a difficult and challenging career, so remember that you have the ability to be successful and to have a rewarding career. Hold open that possibility.

2. Start where you are, and build on that. I don’t know who thought to make lemon meringue pie from the figurative pile of lemons they were given, but they changed the hearts and minds of their customers.

3. Create a vision of being successful. What does it look like? Add the details and flesh it out. The vision is internalized and believed. There is no “typical” salesperson, but every successful sales person has a vision of being successful.

4. Vision alone is not enough: You also need mindset, an attitude to do what must be done. If you lack the tools, get the tools; if you are feeling overwhelmed in your mission, ask for advice and guidance from team members; if your approach is flawed, have the mindset to fix it. The universe is a strange thing. If you are closed to possibilities, the universe will be closed; if you are open to receiving guidance and feedback the flow back to you will be astounding. And, it’s reciprocal. In time, others on your team who feel overwhelmed will come to you.

5. Practice your determination and grit! Nothing, and I repeat, nothing will happen if you aren’t determined to make it happen. Feelings of being overwhelmed shrink in the spotlight of determination. No matter how overwhelmed you may feel, be prepared to take it on every day. Don’t back down from the challenges; take the hardest challenges on every day.

Sales motivation is a learned process. It’s not magic. Don’t be afraid of the overwhelming tasks in front of you. Stand-up to them and follow the steps, one step at a time. Soon enough, you’ll be surprised how far you’ve gone.


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