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What is Blocking You?


As a motivational sales speaker, let me be honest and tell you that beating-up yourself because you didn’t “make your numbers,” probably won’t work. I know that it might be a popular concept, but motivation doesn’t work that way.

Hey, you fat losers

Remember a few years back when America was hooked on those reality TV weight loss shows? Teams of morbidly obese people were assembled and pushed, yelled-at, demeaned and judged by fitness instructors who believed themselves to be drill sergeants. The fitness instructors, who became media personalities, were rather sheepish in response to the question:

“Why is it that a large percentage of your (television) clients gained back all of their weight?”

Motivation is tricky stuff. When I unfortunately “joined” the world of quadriplegia, had I screamed at myself, demeaned myself, compared myself to the martial artist and football player I had once been, I would have gone nowhere.

Sales motivation

In my profession as a motivational sales speaker, I have encountered many failed sales speakers. They didn’t fail because they lacked the talent but because they didn’t believe in themselves. They believed the negative messaging of others; they compared themselves to everyone; but much worse, they had no vision of themselves as ever being successful.

As to those TV-personality trainers, they pulled the rug out from under their clients. Instead of empowering people, to those who “failed” to lose what the show considered the proper amount of weight, they were tossed to the curb and never heard from again. I never want that to happen to you.

Right here and now, I am asking you to change your mindset. Your motivation must come from within, and without judgment.

I want to offer you 10 Tips to reignite your sales motivation. Please remember that I went from paralysis to movement not by harsh judgment and “celebrating” what was blocking me, but by believing that even the smallest movement was a major victory.

Reignite Your Sales Motivation

  1. Keep a personal sales motivation diary. Day-by-day, “talk” to yourself by writing down your successes. This personal diary is separate from any kind of computer program you might share with a team.
  2. From this point on, avoid all negative messaging especially from “friends,” relatives and colleagues.
  3. On the other hand, Stay positive! Keep your eye on the prize. Some days you might fail, but don’t let it be due to a lack of trying. Failure confronts everyone. A bad day happens to everyone.
  4. Sales aren’t easy. There will be days of discomfort as you break down personal walls. The good news is that the more you feel uncomfortable, the easier those feelings will dissipate. A success-oriented mindset will lead to greater success.
  5. Develop grit. Success in sales is a habit that is practiced every day, every hour of the day.
  6. This is not complicated stuff. Start where you are.
  7. Ask for help. It is not weakness to ask for technical explanations or about a client or what problems others have encountered. It is counter-productive to complain, whine, blame this and that, and especially
  8. If you do well, congratulate yourself. Be proud of every accomplishment no matter how small it may seem.
  9. For goodness’ sake, make your job enjoyable. If you have fun, your customers and prospects will be in a better mood.
  10. Visualize where you want to go and how you will get there.


Above all, don’t let a negative opinion you may have of yourself block you from standing up when everyone around you believes you are down for the count. There is greatness in you. I know it. Follow your path and trust it.



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