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Still a Confusing People Business


As a motivational sales keynote speaker, I was fascinated by what the sales experts were predicting for 2023 challenges. While I am not the kind of motivational sales speaker to say “I told you so,” the prognosticators agree that it is neither technology nor new processes that will present problems with sales this year, but the confusion in sales itself.

How do I reach you?

It has been nearly three years since the world shut itself down over COVID-19. Sales went from in-person to virtual. Now, the world is in a strange state of “How do we sell?” The problem with virtual sales is how to build those virtually? Then there is a whole layer above that proposition: “How do I get to talk to the decision-maker or the leader or the department head?”

Now, in 2023 (not surprisingly), what was virtual in 2021 and 2022, is hybrid in 2023. Sales people often initially reach out virtually, but are meeting decision makes in person. If such activity is confusing on a one-to-one situation, it is far more challenging at industry meetings and trade shows, going in-person to virtual to in-person to who knows what?

Along with those types of sales challenges are the “world of copycats and look-alikes,” that some experts have called the “Sea of Same.” How do sales people in 2023 cut through the clutter? It is by developing a strong sales approach, an entire method from initial (virtual or in-person) contact through to closing the sale (virtually or in-person) and its follow-up.

What shouldn’t be confusing

While sales in 2023 may be a confusing people business caught somewhere in-between virtual and in person, often having to compete while being surrounded by a “Sea of Same,” what should not be confusing or confused, is you.

To be successful in sales this year, will require a focused determination to set yourself apart from the competition and to formulate a sales plan based on at least five key areas of focus:

  1. A solid sales plan that is dedicated to customer service and a focused message.
  2. A plan to withstand a virtual and in-person focus based on impactful communication.
  3. A focus on pushing aside the confusion to make your product or service stand-out and standup.
  4. The best follow-up in your industry: clear, concise, always ethical and on-time.
  5. To be an outstanding teammate who understands that the best of “you” supports “us,” and the best of “all of us,” must be “you.”

Ultimately what will make or break every sales team in 2023, won’t be fancy sales materials, social media influencers or celebrity endorsements, but the outlook to succeed in your mission. You will succeed despite clutter and technical problems, despite the defeatism of others or giving in to negativity and the pessimism.

As a sales professional be motivated by only one thing: to be focused on serving with excellence by being excellent. In doing so, you will turn confusion into clearness and worry into opportunity.


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