Scott Burrows

The Power of Forgiveness

On Nov 3, 1984 my life changed forever. 28-years later, another life has been changed!

April 7, 2013
Barnes & Nobel customer book review: Vision Mindset Grit
Posted by Beep Shoe

Anyone who wants to know what perseverance, grit and plain old fashioned faith and then how to apply it in your life needs to buy, read and more importantly apply the principles that Scott Burrows shares in this book that MUST be read universally. Life throws us all curve balls, but very few have the gumption and determination to STAND UP and hit them out of the park! Scott Burrows has ALWAYS hit the ball out of the park, before and after his injury!

Why do I feel that strongly about this message and this man, because I was with him on that fateful night, driving that car that changed both of our lives forever! To say I was heartbroken, more properly stated, filled with remorse and guilt would be an understatement. Here was one of my best friends, fraternity brothers, teammates whose life I had changed for the worse in an instant!

Here is where the real story that is hard to believe begins, not only did Scotty not give up, give in to a life changing injury, he took the bull by the horns and made lemons into lemonade! A man who was never supposed to be a complete quadriplegic, went on to accomplish feats that even superheroes couldn’t achieve! Everything this Man of Steel has done is a miracle!

With all of that said, to take this story to a level of not only success that is unimaginable, it is a story of a man of un-measurable compassion and forgiveness. For years, I have been guilty, ashamed and wounded by that horrible night of November 3, 1984. Though I had accomplished success in the worlds eyes, I always felt that no matter what I did, I could never be forgiven by Scott and his family, much less myself. In fact, for years, I tried to hide and pretend that this horrible event never took place, to no avail, it ALWAYS haunted me! Well sometime in 2011, many, many years after that horrible event on St. Georges Island on the Florida Gulf Coast, Scott Burrows reached out to me, with a message of friendship, forgiveness and love that could only be described as Christ Like!

PLEASE, everyone that this message reaches, READ and APPLY the life changing principles this guide book/road map for success in life and I promise you will NEVER be the same! God certainly broke the mold when he created Scotty Burrows, which is a shame, because I wish I could surround myself each and every day with men of Scott Burrows Vision, Mindset and Grit! He is a true inspiration to the world…..but more so to me!! I love Scott Burrows and hope that all of you will too!!!

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